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guest posting tips
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Ah, good ol’ guest posting. The oldest, most battle-tested link-building tactic in the history of humankind (kind of).

Like pretty much every other link-building method, It’s also come under fire in recent years, especially when Matt Cutts published “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO,” which, as you can imagine, caused SEOs around the world throw their laptops in the trash, burn their websites to the ground and move into wilderness, where they could live a life free of the emotional rollercoasters of Internet Marketing.

I kid, but before we get into our 17 guest posting hacks below, I think it bears repeating: guest posting ain’t dead if done properly.

As long as links are an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm (and they are) guest posting on reputable sites will continue to be one of the best ways to earn them.

Want some proof? Just look at my site...

Personally, I use guest posting (or version of it) as one of my primary link acquisition strategies. Of course, I also mix it up, but when I start any site (or help someone start a site), the tactic I usually kick things off with is guest posting.

Here’s a screenshot of the first couple of months of growth of my current site. The site had been live for about six months at this point, but this is when I really started guest posting.

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