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How to throw a surprise party for a friend
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Birthday parties are fun, but it becomes all the more exciting when the party has to be organized for someone. And the excitement doubles if it’s a surprise party. Friends are an important part of our lives and throwing a surprise party for them is one of the best ways to make them feel special.

However, one needs to prepare well in any case otherwise, the plan of surprise party may backfire also. There are some important points which one must keep in mind while arranging a party so that it can get a grand success which is expected.

Here are some essential tips to consider while throwing a surprise party for a friend:

  • Discuss with friends and family

If you want to throw a surprise birthday bash for someone, make his/her family and other friends a part of your secret plan so that there is no other celebration being planned. Instruct everyone to be tight-lipped about the plan. A little leak of information can spoil your plan and hence to maintain secrecy is very important.

  • Make the arrangements

The arrangement is going to be an elaborate part. You will have to find a venue and arrange for the decor and food. Do not forget to order a beautiful birthday cake for your friend. You can also order the cake online. Online cake delivery in chittorgarh is possible on the same day of booking. Hence just check out a few locations and see how the celebration can be planned to have a memorable party.

  • Buy an outfit

Since your friend is oblivious to the idea of a party, it is your responsibility to arrange for a nice outfit. If you have arranged for a theme based party, the outfit should be in sync with the theme. You can buy a gown or dress for a female friend and suit or casuals for a male friend. Ensure to check the proper size before buying so that there is no last moment surprise to deal with.

  • Arrange for the friend’s arrival

Since this is a surprise birthday party, it is important for you and friends to behave ignorantly but at the same time normal so that the secret is not let out. Now, think of an excuse to call the birthday boy or girl on the venue of the party. If, you wish to make it more confusing for the friend, blindfold them and take them to the party venue. This can surely add huge value to the surprise party.

  • Plan a grand entry

Once you bring them to the venue blindfolded, arrange for a grand welcome by friends and family. Switch off the lights and once you are ready, remove the scarf and surprise them with birthday wishes pouring in from guests. Surprise them with the new outfit and make the birthday memorable for them.

Online cake delivery in Pali also can be made on same day of booking across any location. One can choose from a variety of cakes.



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