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Exploring Sex: How to Get a Great Release during Masturbation
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Masturbation is a healthy sexual exercise; however, it can get dull sometimes jerking off using your hands with the same stimulation again and again.

So, to ignite a new sensation, here are some tips on how to get a great release during your next steamy solo session:

Tip #1: You’ve got to set the mood

The first thing you need to do is to set the mood; this is to prepare your mind and body for a steamy and great release. Here’s a quick tip on how to set the mood:

  • First, you have to turn your lights down
  • Second, watch your favorite erotic video with your favorite porn star.
  • Third, try to tease yourself while watching and imagining your favorite nude star.
  • Fourth, try to relax while reaching for climax and release.

Also, avoid doing small and quick bathroom solo sessions because it can become a habit, causing you to release quickly during the actual lovemaking with your partner.

Tip #2: Choose the best male masturbating devices

Masturbating using your hands can be tiring sometimes. Plus, the sensation of the release isn’t as great as using masturbators. So, if you want to experience great pleasure and great release alone, you should choose the best toys made specifically for men – male masturbators.

There are several types of male masturbators – hands-free masturbators, realistic male masturbators, and vibrating masturbators. At this helpful website, you can find the best male masturbators today of different varieties. All you need to do is choose the perfect device for you that will help you get that intense release while doing a solo session.

Tip #3: Try incorporating anal play

Yup; you have read it right!

The idea of anal play during a solo session is a taboo for most men, especially the straight ones; however, incorporating anal play or stimulating the anus during masturbation is a mind-blowing experience. Stimulating the nerve-endings of the butt will also indirectly massage or stimulate the prostate, giving you that unique and pleasurable experience.

There are a lot of butt plugs for men that are designed with vibrators. If you are currently skeptical about using this kind of adult toy, try to view the website and find out which anal vibrators are the best for beginners.

Tip #4: Try practicing the “edging”

There are busy days that makes quick release alone at home makes sense. However, if you have enough time try practicing “edging”

“Edging” is a stop-and-start masturbation method that promises intense orgasm. All you need to do is to work right up to the edge of release and then soften your erection a bit by taking a smooth break and start over again. If you do this at least 3 times before reaching your limit, you’ll experience more powerful and profound ejaculation.

Final Thoughts

Masturbation on men is a healthy practice; however, would it make more sense if you make every solo session more intense?

Try working on the aforementioned tips and find out what you have been missing.

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