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A Quick Guide to Applying an Insurance Claim
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It can be tough to make an insurance claim, whether you have already done it before or it’s your first time doing so. Here is some quick insurance claim advice that will guide you through this demanding and time-consuming process.

Give a Report of the Incident
If a serious accident has occurred or your business premise is now a crime scene, you need to contact the police or other concerned authorities right away. Inform your insurance company about the incident too, even if you are not fully aware of the details. Your insurer can then help you by providing the best insurance claim help.
A Few Pre-Claim Tips

  • Make sure you read what your insurance covers or does not cover thoroughly.
  • You need to regularly pay your premiums on time. Skipping or delaying your premium payments can lead to a claim rejection.
  • It is best to take photographs and keep details of the assets you are insuring.  
  • Should there be any change or modification in the details of your business or residential area, your insurance company or broker needs to be notified about the same.
  • At the time of policy renewal, it is your duty to check and review your policy and what it covers. Should you want to add or remove anything, you should undoubtedly do so.

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Aspects to Look Out For
Your insurer needs to be informed about the incident as accurately as ever. They can then go on to assist you with the claims process and the evidence that needs to be gathered.
You should particularly keep a check on:

  • Whether there are any eye witnesses. Make a note of their explanations and contact details.
  • The important details such as time, location and date of the incident.
  • Click pictures of the damage or anything you feel is relevant.
  • Have a rough idea about the estimate of the loss.
  • A clear and precise portrayal of what happened.
  • Exact details of the things you may have done to reduce the loss and damage.

Almost everyone needs insurance claim help at some point or the other. Understanding that you could also be the one to need insurance claim advice and attending to the required measures helps you stay better prepared.

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