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How to Use Mirror Powder on Nails
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Mirror chrome nails are the latest trend in the nail art world. They are shimmery, they are sparkly, and they are just about everything a nail-polish fanatic could ask for. Typically, chrome nail powder is applied over UV gel nail polish, but it is still possible to apply it over non-UV gel nail polish, or even regular nail polish. All it take is a little bit of time and effort, and a love for all things sparkly.

Using UV Gel Nail Polish

1 Apply a base coat, and cure it for 30 seconds under an LED manicure lamp. Some nail artists also recommend coating the skin around your nails with white school glue or liquid latex. This will make cleaning up your manicure easier, because all you have to do is peel the glue or latex off.
Be sure to coat the very tips of your nails too. This will prevent the polish from peeling.

2 Add two coats of UV-gel polish, then cure it. Apply your first coat, then cure it for 30 seconds. Apply your second coat, then cure it for only 15 seconds.
Remember to coat the tips of your nails too!
You can use any color you want, but many people find that black works best.

3 Use a sponge eyeshadow applicator to tap on the powder. Don't worry if the powder doesn't look smooth. Simply dip your foam applicator into the powder, and start tapping it onto your nail. Start from the cuticle area, and work your way down towards the tip.

4 Use the applicator to gently buff the powder into your nail. Once you have your nails coated with powder, use the foam applicator to gently buff the powder into your nails. Do not use too much pressure, however, or you might create dents. As you buff, the finish will get smoother and smoother.

5 Clean it up with a soft brush or rubbing alcohol. Grab an soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush or kabuki brush, and gently sweep the tops of your nails. This will knock off any excess powder. You can also use a thin brush or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the ski around your nails. If you applied glue or latex in the beginning, simply peel it off!

6 Apply a no-wipe top coat, and cure it for 30 seconds. Once your nails have cured, you are ready to rock them!

Using Regular Polish or Non-UV Gel Polish

1 Apply your base coat and two coats of nail polish. Be sure to extend the polish over the tips of your nails to make your manicure last longer. You can use any color you want, but mirror power will show up the best against black.
UV-gel polish is easier to work with, but it is still possible to get a nice finish on non-UV gel polish and regular nail polish. It will take more work, however.
Consider covering the skin around your nails with some white school glue or liquid latex to make clean-up easier.

2 Apply some top coat, then wait until it is dry to the touch. Don't let the top coat dry all the way, however. You want it to feel rubbery, but not sticky or tacky. This is important, especially with regular, non-gel top coat; if you apply it too soon, the powder will make a mess, and if you wait too long, the powder won't stick.
Use regular, non-water-based top coat for this. A quick-dry top coat is recommended.
Remember to extend the top coat down past the tip.

3 Tap on the mirror nail powder using a foam eyeshadow brush. Start from the cuticle area and work your way towards the tip. You can use a special applicator meant for applying mirror powder, or you can use a foam, eyeshadow brush. Gently flick the brush down as you tap the powder on.

4 Buff the powder into the polish. Once you have your nail coated with powder, gently buff the surface with the foam eyeshadow brush. Do not apply too much pressure, or you may create dents. As you continue to buff, the surface will get smoother and smoother.

5 Wipe off any excess powder. You can do this using a soft brush, such as an eyeshadow brush or a kabuki brush, or a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. If you applied glue or liquid latex earlier, simply peel it off.

6 Apply a water-based top coat, making sure to coat the tip of your nail. Many people find that regular top coat cracks or mars the mirror powder's finish. Luckily, water-based top coat does not do that.

7 Finish off with a regular top coat. Once you have applied a water-based top coat, you can safely use any type of top coat. This will make your manicure last even longer; unfortunately, water-based top coat alone does not last very long.

8 Wait for your top coat to finish drying. Once it is dry, you can show off your new nails to all of your friends.


  • Before you do your manicure, apply some white school glue or liquid latex to the skin around your nails. This will make cleaning up after your manicure easier.
  • Consider using silver for your base nail color. This way, if you accidentally leave any gaps in your powder, it won't be as noticeable.
  • For a truly unique look, apply some nail stencils over your finished manicure. Solid, non-shimmery colors work best.
  • For a different look, lay down some nail vinyls first, then apply your mirror powder. Once you have the powder on and buffed, peel the vinyls off, then seal your work with top coat.
  • Work over a smooth, non-fabric surface. This powder is very fine, and it gets everywhere.
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