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How to avoid bad experience with your hair color
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1. Prepare your locks beforehand

Experts at Salon East NYC underline the importance of thorough preparation before color treatment. If your hair feels weak, damaged, and dull, then new manipulations with color can only make things worse; moreover, your locks will be unable to hold the color well. Your hair has to be healthy before you hit the salon, so prepare it in advance!


2. Look for trustworthy colorist

It’s essential to do a good homework before making an appointment! You will need a trustworthy hair colorist, who can give you the color of your dreams and make you want to come back. Ask your friends and co-workers for references, visit websites of the hair salon and read commentaries of the clients, visit Instagram accounts of different hairstylists, etc. There are tons of ways to find a reliable expert!


3. Abstain from drastic changes

When we’re going through difficult times, we love to experiment with our appearance in order to feel better. Unfortunately, drastic hair color change can’t heal a broken heart or get your job back. It’s important to take well-considered decisions when it comes to your hair, so think well to avoid any regrets in the future.


4. Consider pieces of advice

If you’ve managed to find a trustworthy hair colorist, then you shouldn’t ignore his/her pieces of advice. According to experts at Salon East NYC, some clients ask for crazy things, which can damage their hair and cause regrets later. If you notice that your hairstylist is hesitating, then discuss other options and listen to a professional!


Find more useful tips on http://hairsalonprestige.com/

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