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Everything You Need to Know About Human Hair Blends
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There are several kinds of wigs available in the market which you need to know if you are planning on using them. Wigs can make or break a look and their quality depends on their type. So, before buying wigs get your facts together and then go for a wig look. There are mainly three kinds of wigs depending on what kind of material they are made up of. There are synthetic wigs, human hair wigs and human hair blend wigs.

Human hair blends

This is considered to be the perfect kind of wigs by some specialists. They contain the advantages and benefits of both synthetic wigs and natural human hair wigs. They can handle a lot of heat and can tolerate a great amount of stress and strain. That means you can style them as much as you want. You can use styling products and heating productsas much as you want. It won’t damage your wig at all. They are shinier than human hair, but not as shiny as synthetic wigs. They have got the perfect blend of shine and texture. It is very natural looking in that sense. They are also cheaper than the original hair wigs. Human hair blend for braiding is popularly usedalong with many other hairstyles. They are best for you when you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on human hair extensions. Generally, the synthetic blend is 25%, 35% and 50 % of the total wig or extension; the rest will be natural hair. Human hair blend extensions are perfect for every occasion and gives you the best of both human hairs and synthetic hairs.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

They don’t tangle as much as synthetic hair and also cost lesser than human hairs. They have a longer shelf life than synthetic hair wigs. The texture is also very realistic and will blend with your natural hair. Taking care of human blends are easier than taking care of your natural hair. It doesn’t get much damaged in rain as well. It makes your hair look longer and fuller. You can style it without worrying about your hair getting damaged or going out of place. It stays in place just like synthetic hair wigs. After washing it dries quickly. This is one of its huge advantage.They are good for longer use as they don’t cause rashes or itchiness after prolong use. You can treat them with regular shampoos and conditioners, but you will need to do that as long as it needs. Ask your hairstylist about how much you should shampoo your extensions or wigs. Taking well care of your human hair blend braiding hair will help you in keeping it intact for more than a few months. There will be no need to buy extensions at the drop of a hat. It is much softer and natural than pure synthetic hair wigs and so it is easier to store and manage as well.  The only disadvantage is that they cannot be color treated at all. So do not ever try to color your blended hair without asking your hairstylist.

So next time when you go for shopping opt for human hair blends only.

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