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6 surefire ways to attract new customers to your small business
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It’s a well-known fact that customers are the lifeline of any business. Without them, there would be no business to begin with. If bigger companies that already have a large customer base can afford to lose one or two clients as it won’t pose a risk to their stability, for smaller businesses, every customer counts and can make a visible difference. It’s also a lot harder for these companies or for startups to bring in new business and increase sales since they often run on limited resources and lack experience in the field. 

However, this doesn’t mean that if you’re a small business owner you’re bound to stay small forever and settle for what you have. Growth should always be on your mind, and attracting new customers to your business can definitely help with that. But how exactly can you make this happen? You can’t just go around looking for people who are interested in buying the products or services that you are selling.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies you can employ in this respect, some more effective than others. But if you’re not willing to go through a lengthy trial and error process to test which ones bring in better results, here’s a list of 6 foolproof methods that will help you attract new clients to your business like a magnet. 

Offer incentives

A small incentive can go a long way in convincing people to choose you over your competitors. There are a lot of undecided customers out there who are always struggling to choose between this business or that business and have a hard time deciding. Sometimes, a little push is all it takes for someone to decide to give your business a try. 

Incentives can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use your creativity and come up with offers and deals that might appeal to your target audience. For example, you can give introductory discounts to new customers or have a special deal of buy 2 get one half price offer. These bargains won’t cost your business a fortune, but will definitely attract more than a few curious eyes. 

Ask for customer referrals

If you’ve already built a loyal customer base, you can take advantage of this by asking your current clients for referrals. Happy customers can be the best advocates for your business and you don’t have to do much to convince them to recommend your company to others. 

However, if you don’t know how to break the ice and ask for referrals in a way that doesn’t seem unprofessional or pushy, here are a few strategies that can help you out:

  • Send referral emails – there are email templates that you can use 

  • Give something in return – gifts, discounts, and other deals can convince your customers to give referrals

  • Build a customer referral program – make it easier for customers to provide referrals by adding a referral link, page, or box on your website

  • Ask your customers directly – once you’ve made sure your customers are happy with your service, don’t be afraid to ask them directly for referrals


One of the most effective ways to make your small company known and attract new clients is to meet new people and try to establish relationships that can add value to your business. Although there’s a lot of focus lately on building a strong online presence, face-to-face interactions and direct contact with potential customers and other players in the industry remain invaluable for raising brand awareness. 

But where can you build these connections? Joining your trade association and your local chamber of commerce is a good starting point. Then you can attend business networking events for your industry where you’ll meet people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Also, make sure you choose professionally designed pop-up display stands to help your business stand out at these events. 

Invest in SEO

Since we’ve already mentioned the importance of building a solid online presence, we think it’s a good idea to expand on this topic a bit. These days, most customer interactions happen in the online environment, and a company’s website is usually the first point of contact for potential clients. That’s why building a professional business site should be a top priority for all business owners. 

However, simply having a well-performing website doesn’t guarantee that new customers will come rushing in. If you want to bring in more traffic to your website and increase your chances of being found by the right people, you should familiarize yourself with search engine optimization or SEO. Creating a good SEO strategy can help your site rank higher on search engine results page and thus make it easier for you to reach your target audience. 

Use reviews to your advantage 

Sometimes, positive reviews are the best advertising that a company can get, and the best thing is they’re completely free. Most people will turn to online reviews and ratings to choose between different companies, so it would be a huge mistake not to include them in your marketing strategy. 

Encourage your customers to provide feedback and write reviews after any interaction they have with your company and make sure you reply to both negative and positive reviews. Posting these reviews on your site or social media accounts will serve as proof that you’re a reliable and trustworthy company, and that will definitely capture customer attention. 

Contribute to your community 

Support your local community can help you build a positive image for your business which will ultimately translate into winning the trust and loyalty of your current customers and attracting new ones to your business. There are multiple ways in which you can serve your local community and boost brand reputation, from participating in charity events or assisting other local businesses to teaching courses or volunteering. This will benefit both your business and the people in your community, so it’s a win-win situation. 

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