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6 Affordable Clothing Websites You'll Regret Not Visiting
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As the weather is getting warmer, we are all looking for affordable places to shop for Spring& fashion. Shop for the trendy fashion items in these 5 amazing stores. Even better, most of these stores offer student discounts!

Find out more here


1. Colors of Aurora

Colors of Aurora is an online boutique with a ton of going out outfit options. Whether you’re heading to a house party, a club downtown or an on campus dorm bash, you will find a ton of outfits within your budget.


Shop Colors of Aurora!


2. boohoo

boohoo is a British online store carrying a huge inventory of trendy and affordable items. The best part is that shipping to the US is free with any order over $45 . They also run 20% off sitewide promo codes fairly often so be on the lookout.

Shop boohoo with a student discount!

NextShe has a gigantic selection of items, and is able to offer very competitive prices. The prices of most items are between $20-$30. There are a lot of cute trendy clothes.

4. 2020ave

2020ave has very affordable staples in every category, and features new arrivals daily. Whether you are looking for faux leather tights, maxi cardigans, plaid shirts or sweater crop tops, 2020ave has a bunch of options with most items between $20 and $40.

Shop 2020ave with a student discount!

5. Lookbook Store

Lookbook Store is one of my favorite finds this year. Essentially, Lookbook features affordable options to recreate popular Pinterest and Instagram looks. They even have their Instagram followers vote on their favorite looks to decide which items they will carry next. The best part, almost everything is under $50!


Shop Lookbook Store on trendslove for a discount !

6. Garage

Garage Clothing is a Canadian brand with a great online store. Catering to teens and college students, they have a lot of great campus outfits.


Shop Garage with a student discount!



3 people are listening to the comments, and not you. Listen?
  .   physioshah
Thanks for letting us know about these websites.I will surely share with my wife for shopping through online? Do you know any special code for discount offer on these website? The http://www.cheapessayservice.net/ is the perfect for them to get the desired assignment.
  .   physioshah
I like it
  .   lisabgriffin1
I like your suggestions! I think these outfits are very popular on parties. I would totally wear one of them if I had a grad party near the pool. I mean when I get all my writing tasks done with the help of a special service, why not look here, I deserve for some rest! Thanks for ideas. I love it!
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