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The Best Fall Makeup for Any Skin Tone
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Fall's colors traditionally abound with vibrant reds, deep plums, bouncy orange and earthy browns. But of all the exciting current and new fall shades, which ones are right for you?It all depends on your skin tone.
Here's a simple test to find out-and then discover your best fall makeup colors!
 Wear a white shirt-or absolutely nothing (!)- then stand in front of a mirror, preferably in natural sunlight. Now hold a piece of white paper next to your face. Take a close look at your reflection, then see if you have...
1. A Red/Orange Skintone-If your skin has peach undertones, you're probably this particular tone. You're also likely to be red/orange if you're:
Lightly freckled with red hair
Have hazel or blue eyes with flecks of gold in them
Lips/Blush-Consider colors like Ginger, Apricot, and Café Latte.
Eyes-Look for names like Bamboo, Stone, Amber and Pebble when considering eye shadows.
Foundation-Soft Beige or Pale Gold shades are very good for balancing out ruddiness.
2. A Blue/Red Skintone-If your skin has a slight pink cast to it, you're likely this tone. You're also likely to be blue/red if you have:
Very fair, porcelain, translucent complexion that burns easily in the sun.
Light eyes
People with blue/red skin tones usually have an Irish or English background.
Eyes-You look best in Slate, Violet and Soft Brown. Use Brown or Black-Brown mascara and liner to help give the eyes greater definition.
Foundations-Look for shades with bluish undertones and names like Ivory, Bisque and Porcelain. Avoid foundations that are too yellow; they'll make you look sallow.
Lips/Blush-Use soft Brownish-Pink shades on cheeks. For lips, rich Plums and Raspberry are great choices for you.
4. A Yellow/Orange Skintone-If your skin has yellow undertones, and/or you tan easily and rarely burn, you have a yellow/orange skin tone. Another sign is: Your eyes are either hazel or soft brown.
Most people fall into this category.
Foundations: Look for Honey, Beige or Champagne shades, with soft, subtle yellow undertones.
Eyes: Look for warm Brown eyeshadow with names like Auburn, Hazel and Mushroom.
Use dark-brown or soft black mascara and liner.
Lips/Blush: Colors like Toffee, Bronze, Cocoa, Copper, Cayenne and Sepia will flatter your lips and cheeks.
5. A Red Skintone-If your skin has a ruddy hue (not counting broken capillaries), then your skin tone's probably red. You may also be a red if:
You have lots of freckles and burn easily
You have dark skin with red undertones
Red is the rarest skin tone, but many African-Americans fall into this group.
Lips/Blush-Look for lips and cheek colors in Wine, Deep Berry and Crimson.
Foundations-Look .for names like Tawny, Terra Cotta and Sun Bronze for your best colors.
Eyes-Use shadows with names like Pewter, Cobalt and Deep Plum.
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