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Would you like to know how to have perfectly shaped lips? Do you wish your kisser was plump and glossy? Would you settle for soft and smooth? Or do you just want to find your best lip color?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
1. For Perfectly Shaped Lips, try a lip liner. If Your Lips Are Thin-Draw a line slightly outside your natural lip line. If You Have Full Lips-Line your lips just inside the lip line. If Your Lips Are Uneven-Line the thinner lip slightly outside the natural lip line and the fuller lip just inside the natural lip line. 
Stay Away From Very Dark Lip Liners, which can appear unnatural. You can keep your lip lines looking natural by sharpening your liner once for every six applications. The duller the point, the more natural the line will look!
For Finding Your Best Lip Color, every look’s based on one of four eye/lip combos and your skin/hair shade:
2. Light Eye/Light Lips-This combination conveys a fresh, dewy look. Your best lip shades here are warm carmels,  coffees, toasts, and anything with a hint of golden undertones. If You Are Fair-skinned And Light-haired, pink, rose, and neutral red shades will look good on you. You can also wear coral, watermelon, and strawberry colors.
3. Light Eye/Dark Lips-This is an elegant, very 1950s, very ladylike look. The best shades are dark and dramatic, such as plum, true crimson, and deep bronze. If You Have Blonde Hair And Dark Skin, a cool blue-red will look great. For Those Blondes With Medium/Olive Skin, try a rich, ruby-toned red.
4. Dark Eye/Light Lips-The best combo for a sexy, party mood; the lip colors here are subtle, but are in purple, emeralds, and maroon. Fair Skin And Brown Or Black Hair-You can wear browns and beiges. A translucent, blue-toned red will also work, as well as clay-pink, sand, dusty rose, and clay-red. Fair Skin And Red Hair-Try corals and browns, particularly brown-reds, like auburn and sienna. Peach, peach-red, tawny rose, and apricot will also look good on you.
5. Dark Eye/Dark Lips-We’re talking serious glamour here. Your lip and eye shades should have the same tone. For example, a purple eye with eggplant stain lipstick is an ideal look. A bronze eye with a golden chestnut lip gloss will also look sensational. If You Have Medium/Olive Skin With Brown Or Black Hair, reds (such as a true red shade) and bronzes will work. Dark Skin With Brown Or Black Hair-Wines, cool red shades like berry, and burgundy are your best looks. Medium/Olive Skin With Red Hair -A warm orange-red will complement your coloring.  Red Hair And Dark Skin -A true red shade is the look for you.
6. For Plump And Glossy Lips-Dab a little of silver or gold gloss on the center of your lower lip. You’ll have instant fullness! Makeup artists have long known this; Gloss with a sheer metallic sheen gives the best plumping effect (It accentuates the middle of your lip, where the lips are fullest). Or trace just above the upper lip line with concealer, then blend. You can also put aside your darker lipsticks and use neutral hues such as melon, spice, or rose to “lift” your lips (light colors make surfaces appear larger).
The  Winter ( and Holiday) Season
The word of mouth, according to celebrity makeup artist Belinda Moss, is that "Old Hollywood"-style lips in rich, red hues will be all the rage for the winter (and holiday) seasons (Moss has been a nationally renowned makeup expert for more than 20 years; her clients include Eva Longoria Beyonce, Goldie Hawn, Norah Jones, and Scarlett Johansson).
The two key factors for achieving this look is knowing which shades complement your particular skin tone and the application. 
Moss suggests that if you're Fair-Skinned, choose a true red color such as Berry or Brick. Medium skin tones should try orange-based hues like Spicy or Brown-based reds; dark skin tones would look great in Blackberry, Burgundy and other deep reds. "You can also buy a few lipsticks and just experiment with them, like most makeup artists do, help create your own perfect red shade...even mixing and matching several colors to come up with a custom tone."
Red lipsticks can be tricky to pull off, because dark shades can emphasize any flakes or lip creases, and can more easily 'bleed'. Here's some help for that:
1Repair Chapped LIps-Slough off dead skin with a soft toothbrush in order to have a smooth base to apply the lipstick.
2. Cover Dry, Flaky Lips-Your concealer or liquid foundation makes an excellent anti-feathering lip base; just apply this facial makeup to the outside edge of the lips to help prevent the lip color from 'bleeding'.
3. Line, Not Outline Your Lips-It's very important to match your lip color to your lipstick. And it's also important to apply this liner to the entire lip, not just the edges. Using a lip liner not only helps define your lips, but will also help to set a border for both the lip balm and lipstick.
4. Balm Your Lips-After applying the lip liner, put on a coat of lip conditioning balm to help condition your lips and protect them from sun damage. This product will soften and moisturize your lips without that waxy, greasy feeling.
5. Brush on Red-If you want the best precision with the red lipstick, use a lip brush to apply neatly and evenly.
6. Smile-Check to make sure that no lipstick has rubbed off on your teeth.
"For those who feel that red lipstick is just too bright, here are a few ways to tone down the color. You can apply a sheer lip balm over the lipstick. Or if you prefer a natural red color that resembles flushed, bitten lips, apply a red lip stain (It will appear super-dark and liquidy in the package, but as you apply it, it'll be rosy or berry-hued. And it will stay on for a very long time!) and then gently apply-with your fingers-a red lipstick that best suits your skin tone."
If you just don't like red, why not try Plums, Mauves and Bronzes? These shades will still keep you in fashion with the winter holiday) season.  If you're Fair-Skinned-Use Mauve. Olive and Dark-skinned women should try Plum shades.
Besides working her makeup magic on many stars, Belinda Moss has helped create many of the runway looks at New York Fashion Week and currently serves as a key makeup artist for many top entertainment award shows and sports events.
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