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How to Have Fantastic Feet and Find Your Perfect Shoe
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Before polishing your toenails, apply cuticle remover to soften the cuticle. Then push the cuticle back with an orange stick (it's a small wooden stick with a wedge-shaped tip) wrapped in cotton.
When applying polish to your toenail, first place cotton balls between the toes to separate them and prevent smearing on a nearby toe.
Now apply the polish in upward strokes, beginning at the base of the nail.
Use an orange stick regularly to clean out "toe jam", "toe crud" from the corners of your toenails.
Never pull or tear a loose toenail; it can lead to infection or cause an ingrown toenail (not to mention being quite painful if you go into the skin!). Trim it carefully and gently instead.
Soak your feet in lukewarm water mixed with vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes three times a week. The vinegar stops bacterial growth that causes foot odor.
Always moisturize your feet regularly, including heels and ankles. Use a lotion or moisturizing cream.
To reduce friction and help stop blisters from forming, apply petroleum jelly to any sopts where your feet rub against the inside of your shoes.
Massage your feet at least once a day (and don't forget your toes!).
Make sure your socks have no holes or very worn spots in them. And check your stockings for any runs. If your feet isn't fully protected from the inside of your shoes, you can develop blisters. And who wants that?
Which Shoe Style Fits Your Life?
Strappy high heels will pointy toes look sexy, but after about one hour, your feet won't be comfortable at all (because of squished toes and strained arches. 'Sexy' will fly right out the window!). Wear these only if you'll be doing a lot of sitting.
Low-heeled mules are easier on your feet than the abovementioned high heels and you can walk around in them for at least six hours. But they can cause pain because of the constant gripping that keeps them in place. And the lack of ankle support can throw your balance off, so avoid long walks or dancing while wearing them.
For shoes that really go the distance-for 12 hours-consider classic loafers. With rubber soles and soft, flexible leather uppers, they're the ultimate comfort shoe. If you know you'll be on the go most of the day, wear these!
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