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Adverse Effects of Oversleeping and How the Proper Mattress Can Help
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Some incidental effects that you could experience from oversleeping are being late for work and fatigue. However, according to studies, it could also increase your risk for certain health problems in the future.

Do you often oversleep?

Well, that’s not an issue for most people. But you might still want to determine what causes it.

Also, oversleeping can have adverse effects on your health that you should pay attention to.

Some less serious health-related issues you may encounter are mood issues, depression, and weight gain. Simultaneously, severe conditions can happen like stroke, heart disease, and a heightened risk for diabetes.

This article will now tackle the common causes of oversleeping and how picking the right mattress to sleep in can help.

Oversleeping leads to low sleep quality

The quality of your sleep is an essential factor affecting how much you sleep. Tossing, turning, overheating, and discomfort can be detrimental to your sleep quality.

Fortunately, there’s one way to improve your sleep quality significantly — and that’s by switching to a new mattress.

Assess your bed right now and determine if it’s not firm enough or too firm because it can cause you to wake up more often.

If you sleep this way, you need a comfortable mattress that can help you rest and start getting a night of high-quality, peaceful sleep.

Oversleeping causes back pain

When you oversleep, that means you will be spending more time on your bed. And when you have the wrong mattress, you may experience back pain that can affect your sleep quality.

The pain you feel can wake you up even when you’re already at a deeper level of sleep. As a result, the amount of time for restorative sleep and your sleep quality is greatly affected.

Lack of support on sensitive pressure points and poor spinal alignment can be the primary cause of exacerbating back pain.

So, it’s imperative to get a bed that can help you correct spinal alignment and support your spine. With a new and more comfortable mattress, you will notice that your back pain will lessen.

What’s even more impressive is you won’t feel the pain at night while you sleep and during the day when you’re awake.

This means you can avoid oversleeping and get much better sleep.

Oversleeping can be the product of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a health condition that you should take seriously. When you’re suffering from this, your breathing will stop and start abruptly while you sleep. As a result, you will be waking up a lot of times and spending less time on deeper sleep stages.

When you spend less time in REM sleep (the deep restorative level), you’re most likely to oversleep.

People experiencing obstructive sleep apnea tend to stop breathing when their back of the throat’s muscles obstruct their airway. To prevent this from happening, you should find information on where to get a supportive mattress to help with spinal alignment.

With proper alignment, your neck would be in a better position, avoiding obstruction. It can also help if you sleep on your side and get a mattress ideal for side sleepers.

You can also elevate your head while you sleep to alleviate obstructive sleep apnea. It’s also recommended that you get an adjustable mattress so that you can find the right angle for your body.

Sleep is crucial for everyone. When you don’t get adequate sleep, it can affect every aspect of your life.

To make sure you’re getting a well-rested night, you can get more details about the perfect mattress for you.

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