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Mercedes Benz C class: Drive with the Wind
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The name of Mercedes Benz is sufficient enough to make you imagine about immense level of luxury and comfort. It is the only image that comes to your mind when you hear or look at a Mercedes. The automakers have worked hard on this model. You can experience and feel the hard work. Mercedes Benz C class is truly a fine example of the power and class. You can feel the excitement when you choose to drive this car.

Mercedes Benz is extraordinary not only in the sense of the attractive and sharper looks, but it also comprises of great state of the art technology. You can discover a whole new level of driving experience. However, when the automakers tend to provide so much to the consumer, they also expect to receive a high level of sum for their vehicle. It is also true that not many people can be in a position to get their hands on this piece of art. However, not all the doors are closed for you. You can always prefer to go for used Mercedes in New Delhi NCR. There are no more reasons for you to just dream about this car. You can certainly get your hands on it whenever you want. The most prefered way us by contacting the Mercedes facility that allows you to get second hand vehicles from the company itself. It is the most reliable way to get your hands on a used Mercedes. You would not have to trust any dealer who may only work for his own benefit. Instead, you can contact the parent company in order to get your hands on your dream car. They even provide you with certain points check along with the warranty, guarantee, and free service years. In short, the car you get from the parent company itself is as good as a brand new car.

The 2018 model certainly has many new upgrades and features to look out for. You can choose from over 3 different body styles which can further be customized according the desire of the driver. This vehicle truly holds something for everyone. But the type of trim you choose does not reflect upon the engine you want to have in your car. You get a base 2.0-L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 9 speed automatic transmission. It even delivers a splendid horsepower of about 241. However, you can even get the top of the line V8 engine which in turn produces a horsepower of about 503. 9 speed automatic transmission is indeed one of the best upgrades. Apart from the mind numbing performance, this car is also well known for the state of the art technologies. You can now use your smartphones to use the features of the cars as well as utilise the keyless ignition feature to its full extent. Mercedes does not kid around when it comes to safety. The LATCH system keeps the children in your car safe and sound at all times. The seat tethers and the anchors perform really well. Apart from this, it comes with standard rear view cameras, head up display, crosswind alert, forward collision alert with automatic brake systems, cross traffic alert, automatic emergency brakes, driver drowsiness monitors and even the pre safe systems which is famous in all Mercedes. It even received high scores in safety from IIHS and NHTSA.

This car is truly one of the most mesmerising creations in today’s date. The automakers are proud of their creativity and hard work since it is one of the experiences you should really have. With a strong name and signature, this car continues to perform well in the market. So go ahead and book your test drive now!

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