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Professional Suggestions For Your Car’s Custom Exhaust Tips
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Would you like to replace an old and rusty factory exhaust tip; install a customized finishing touch to your exhaust; or just enhance the design and personal taste of your car? Relax and find out from this handy guide

These vast design styles ensure that you get the ideal tip that creates a big statement about your car.


Replacement of factory exhaust tips


Honestly, almost all factory exhaust tips deserve some upgrades because they are not crafted for greater performances or oriented for growling volumes. As if that’s not enough, manufacturers build exhaust tips with untreated mild steel which is very prone to rusting and they don’t really look good even when new. If you need to overcome the rusty nuisance or replace a factory pipe topper that sparks with annoyance, then, a custom chrome tip will be the best solution to representing your personality style.


The size


The exhaust tip comes in three sizes:

  • Length

This refers to the extension of the exhaust tip. The location of in-built cut-outs must be put into consideration. The important thing is to ensure that the exhaust emissions leave securely.


  • Inlet


The size of inlet on the new exhaust tip needs to have a similar diameter as that of the factory muffler’s tailpipe.


  • Outlet


The outlet is the tip’s exhaust side. Tips have many designs: some which spread out and others stay straight. Some cars have cut-outs that allow for stainless exhaust tip in which case the new exhaust tip needs to clear this part so as to make a perfect fit without scorching or burning the board of the car.


Chromed steel and stainless steel exhaust tips

These two materials are superb when designing top-notch exhaust tips. The chromed steel is good for economical satisfaction. On the other hand stainless steel offers a long-lasting service as it is extremely resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. For these reasons stainless steel is more expensive than chromed steel which is lightweight and can easily be damaged.


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