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Milk Kefir Recipes You Need To Prepare Nutritious Probiotic Milk
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As the popularity of organic substances spreads across the world, kefir has not been left behind. This is a traditional fermented food which is made from milk. It has many health benefits because it contains yeast and high quantities of beneficial probiotic bacteria. It has many similarities to yogurt but kefir is sometimes slightly effervescent and tangier. In terms of the benefits to health, Kefir offers many benefits than the conventional yogurt, yet the former is easier to prepare than the latter.

Kefir, unlike yogurt, once consumed can colonize the gut with beneficial bacteria you need to boost your body immunity system and the functioning of your body digestive system. As compared to kefir, even the best quality yogurt cannot contain as high content of beneficial bacteria and yeast as kefir does. Kefir probiotic drink can be taken on its own or with granola, muesli, smoothies, in salad dressings or with fruit. You can also take it with flavoured popsicles or cheese.  

Milk kefir recipes

To prepare the delicious and nutritious kefir probiotic milk you need the following-

  1. Raw, organic milk – 1 cup

  2. Fresh kefir grains – 1 tablespoon

Instructions on how to prepare

The following instructions may seem involved and too long, but preparation of kefir is one of the fermented foods which are easy, simple and quick to prepare. Explaining how it is done may need use of many words. Trust however that once you do the first, second, third time…it will become so easy such that you can train others how it is done!

You can prepare any desired quantity or volume of kefir but the ratio remains 1:1 (cups of milk to kefir grains teaspoonful) in you want to ferment batch for period of 24 to 48 hours. As per this ratio, if you have 4 kefir grains teaspoonful you can make one quart or one litre of kefir within 24 to 48 hours. The period of time required for fermenting the milk is dependent on temperature and also the tartness required of the kefir. Thus, you have to experiment by tasting in order to determine the time and degree of fermentation that works best for you.  

STEP 1 - Put the milk and kefir grains in to clean glass jar.

Ensure that the jar has tight-fitting lid which you can easily fasten to desired level. Using lid is recommended because it increases kefir’s slight effervescent quality. You can use muslin cloth or any other piece of clean cloth in place of the lid if you do not have jar with lid that can be fast tightened or if you do not like the slight effervescence nature of kefir. Covering the jar is very important because it helps prevent entry of insects, dust and other foreign objects which may make the kefir unhealthy for consumption. Ensure that the size of the cloth is such that it can cover completely the jar’s opening and leave space for its tightening to the jar with piece of string or rubber band.

STEP 2 - Leave it to ferment

Once you are through with step 1, leave the kefir grains and milk in the jar for period of 24 to 48 hours in order to let it ferment. The best place to place this jar is on the kitchen counter top, away from direct sunlight. Remember to shake the jar often but gently when the kefir is fermenting. The process of fermenting may cause separation of the contents in whey and curds. This is a very normal happening. All you need is shake the jar gently in order to ensure that everything mixes properly together.

STEP 3 – Taste to see if the kefir is properly fermenting

Once the separation alluded to in step 2 takes place, your kefir is properly fermented. Because different people enjoy the kefir probiotic milk at different rates of fermentation, keep tasting to test whether it has reached your desired degree of fermentation.

STEP 4 – Enjoy your kefir

As you can see, preparing of kefir drink is that easy. By the time you get to step 2, you can comfortably enjoy the nutritious and delicious drink you prepared at home!


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