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A Definitive Guide To Using Ball Mason Jars
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Mason jars are handy kitchen tools which are tough, no-toxic, and affordable. Unlike plastic jars, they do not produce harmful chemicals if heated or filled with hot stuff. The right place to start cleaning toxicity is the kitchen. Mason jars are perfect solutions for eliminating hazards caused by plastics. Mason jars are used I myriad ways apart from canning


The sizes of mason jars are many. The mouth can either be wide or normal. The volumes also vary and the many designs allow for a variation in uses. 


Making syrup and smoothies

You can make maple syrup or honey butter using a ball mason jar. These jars are helpful when it comes to storing smoothies in the refrigerator. 

Soaking nuts and butter storage

Nut butter finds a better place to stay I the mason jar after the nuts have been soaked. Nuts are soaked overnight to minimize enzyme inhibition. 

Keeping leftovers and fresh drinks

 The jars are good for holding almost all foods- rice, eggs, vegetables, stew etc. Home-made juices and ice teas can be kept in the fridge using a mason jar. Half gallon volumes are the ideal jars to hold drinks. 

Holding drinking water

You can regulate the amount of water you drink daily by storing it in the jar. At the end of the day, you will determine if you are taking the recommended water volume or not. 

Flower vase

Flower in a glass jar are beautiful especially when kept indoors. 

For picnic

You can carry any meal or drink in a mason jar when going out for an adventure.

Food gifts

 If you put in food layers in a glass jar, the presentation looks lovely and enticing. You can give a friend special meal in a mason jar and then label it properly like a cool gift.  

Mixing salads

Salad dressings are mixed in the jar and then refrigerated for future use. Marinades and sauces can be used in the mixtures.

Ball mason jars in Australia markets are some of the best offers that consumers must not turn down. They offer durability, come in good prices and above all contribute to a chemical-free kitchen. If you are searching for a glass jar, the best places to find are:

Thrift stores:

At garage sales, you will find these jars in fully fledged sets or in singles, all of which are worthy. 

End-of-season sales

At the end of major seasons, brad new jars can be found I the stores going through clearance and with discounted prices. 

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