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The demand for water features in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth is on the rise for its myriad benefits
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Are you planning to add a water feature to your home then without any hesitation install a water fountain. Although water features in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth today are available in plenty but there is something special about water fountains. More and more homeowners are installing fountains in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne as it is more beneficial than one can actually think of. Along with offering a focal point to the room where it is placed, it also offers multiple health benefits which are indeed worth it.

A close look at  the top benefits of adding water fountains to a home

Water fountains in Melbourne are highly favored due to the below mentioned health benefits that it offers namely,

  • Soothing- first and foremost, the visual appeal as well as the sound of the water that flows is extremely soothing both to the ear and the eyes. Its gentle sound will give you a calm and relaxing feel and ease away all your stress and tension.


  • Moisturize the air- cooling and heating in the home results in dry air that can make the hair dull and the skin itchy. Besides, it can also dry out the mucus membrane in the sinuses, throat and eyes and it is this that can make it more susceptible to viruses and germs. By simply placing a water fountain in the house you can constantly release moisture into the air and make the space more comfortable and healthy.


  • Positive Chi- a water fountain is a strong feng Shui element. The moving water will create a chi that is positive energy. For creating that ultimate setting for chi it is best to complement the fountain with different forms of essential components like earth, wood, metal and fire elements.


  • Sound Barrier-often noise from outside or the different areas of the home can rattle the nerves particularly while taking a nap. It is here where a water fountain can act as a sound barrier. The cascading water will help in drowning out the obnoxious noise devoid of turning into a distraction. Thus placing a fountain in the bedroom will work wonders to help one sleep faster and enjoy a restful sleep.


If you have still not added a water feature in your home, then it is high time you should consider adding one soon. The wide range of  waters features in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth will help to add texture, movement and sound to the home and thereby help the owner to experience a unique and natural surrounding. These water features no doubt are eye catching yet are much more than that. It has plenty of features that work together harmoniously. The best part is you also have the flexibility to custom design it as per your taste and needs. Everything about the water feature can be designed according to the space. Along with fountains you also have other choices such as cascading waterfalls, ponds, reflecting pools, water gardens and so on and so forth.

About the Author- Being a keen enthusiast of this domain Michael Rogers has come up with this article that highlights on the different health benefits that water  fountains in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne offer and also why fountains are the most widely used water features in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne .

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