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Artificial Intelligence is getting close to writing the First Successful Screenplay
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As the artificial intelligence industry continues to advance at an incredible rate, humans are starting to see more and more uses of AI. Filmaker Oscar Sharp released a short film a few weeks ago that was written by artificial intelligence. It wasn’t what could be termed “good” but it was a first.

What was wrong with Sunspring

The name of Sharp’s movie was “Sunspring” and it made exactly zero sense. It’s biggest failure: AI wasn’t capable of recognizing the deep plot structures that are crucial for films and stories. The dialogue itself was grammatically correct, at least for the most part, but there was no underlying plot to tie together the dialogue and random events that made up the film.

This is a huge roadblock that the entire artificial intelligence industry is grappling with; it’s called computational creativity. AI is great at performing tasks that we can program it to do. AI is even getting close to being able to understand and learn on its own. But we’re still far from programming AI that can be creative in the way that humans are creative.

Impossible Things

The distinction of the first film written by AI has already been taken, but Greenlight Essentials hopes to have the distinction of producing the first successful film co-written by AI. The film, Impossible Things, already has a trailer and will be a feature length film. The studio behind Impossible Things say this will be different from “Sunspring” because they have simplified the complexity of the problem for AI. Rather than having AI write every word of the screen play, they programmed it to only focus on key plot elements and set it to analyzing successful horror films to see what plot structures were the most commercially successful.

Perhaps in the future, more film studios will use AI to predict what movie goers want to see in a film.

Artificial Intelligence News brought to you by artificialbrilliance.com

Source: moviepilot.com/posts/3978559


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