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12 Week Challenge
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This is my official blog for my 12 week challenge. This will be how I let you know exactly what I am doing everyday from my workouts to my marcos and tips on what are good snack, ect.

Let me begin by saying, you do not have to follow my workout program or diet. You are more than welcome to do your own, and still post progress pictures weekly to be entered.

I will be giving away a 4wk best transformation prize of $25 in cellucor product, a 8wk best transformation prize of $50, and a grand prize for the best 12wk transformation of $100 in cellucor product.

Rules: You must tag me in your picture and in the caption. I must see it before the end of the week which will be Sunday of that week before midnight. If you fail to do so you will still be entered for the 4wk and possibly the 8wk prize, but not the 12wk grand prize.

I am not dieting for a competition, so I will be using the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) diet. You can get more information on their website iifym.com. I must add this, just because I use iifym does not mean I eat crap all the time. Use common sense and eat as healthy as you can. I like to eat health 80% of the time and maybe have something a little unhealthy for dinner such as a desert.

The type of workout I will be doing is a linear periodization routine. Where I will be changing reps every week, and change in routine every 4wks. I will be doing a 6 day split, this does not mean you have to do so. I know many people do not have the time to workout 6 days a week. I will be focusing on one main muscle group a day, followed by in the same workout a minor workout to keep other muscles fatigued.

My first week macros will be 350g Carbs, 75g Fat, 250g Protein. I will be consuming only complex carbs for breakfast with high fat and moderate protein, with usually only 4-5 meals a day.

This will be my day one workout.

Legs & Shoulders

I will be focusing on legs today, so I call it a heavy leg day. This week I will be focusing on intra set stretching, you can find out more about this by listening to the newest episode of the Ben Pakulsi Podcast.

Make Sure you stretch in some form before you begin. I like to do an active warm up, with a foam roller.


1) Hamstring Curls

1x12-15, 3x8-12

2) Barbell Squats

1x warm up, 4x8-12

3) Hack Squats on a Machine


4) Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts


5) Standing Calf Raises

4x25-30 with rest pauses of 15 seconds with every set.

6) Seated Calf Raises

4x25-30 with rest pauses of 15 seconds at the end of every set.


1) Dumbbell Lateral Raises


2) Dumbbell Upright Rows




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