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Manage your Finances effectively with the BankBazaar App
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The convenience of smartphones and mobile apps are helping people from around the globe. Whether it’s banking, shopping or managing finances, mobile apps are one step ahead in providing an immediate solution. The mobile apps these days offer a host of services which are not only fast but efficient as well. Being one of the complicated tasks, managing finances can be time-consuming, however, an effective finance app such as the BankBazaar app can help you manage your finances effectively and in no time.

Simplify your Finances with the BankBazaar Mobile App - Download Now!

The features and functionality of the BankBazaar app are listed below:

  • Check eligibility for a loan/credit card.
  • Compare and apply for loans, credit cards, and fixed deposits.
  • The Personal Finance feature lets you track your transactions and bank balance.
  • Also, get Credit card EMIs and bill payment reminders.
  • Calculate your EMIs with EMI Calculator.
  • Check Credit Score for FREE!
  • Read financial articles and news to help you manage your finances effectively with the “Finance 101” feature.
  • Keep your updated with daily gold rates and petrol/diesel prices.
  • Find the IFSC/MICR codes of various banks
  • Various offers, discounts, and exclusive deals for the app users, etc.

Bank Balance Check

From tracking loan and credit card applications to EMI calculator, gold/silver, rates and more, the Bankbazaar mobile app is fully loaded with financial products and information that can help people of all age group. The app keeps you connected to the important aspects of your finances and helps you make effective financial decisions. The app is simple, fast, and effective to assist individuals with their personal finances. The app allows the users to search and compare multiple financial products. The users can also choose to take advantage of the chat support to get instant help from experienced financial advisors. Individuals who are interested in getting a credit card or a loan can use the app to browse through offers from various banks.

The app is also designed to help individuals learn more about managing their finances. From tips and tricks to various methods of money management, the app is loaded with articles that will help you learn various types of financial products. Once a user initiates any of the application, he/she can track the status through the app itself. Additionally, users can set gold rate alerts to monitor price change, check their bank balance, and also know about petrol and diesel prices. The app’s user interface is designed with a simplistic approach which allows new users to navigate throughout the app without any issues. The app is an extension of the website Bankbazaar.com itself which is known for being the world's first neutral online marketplace, the app provides a host of information to experts as well as novice users. The paperless transactions on the app are completely safe, reliable, and effective.


Your Personal Finance managed with ease - Download the BankBazaar App Now!


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