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Commercial lighting : 10 tips for lighting a hotel
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Not everyone is aware of the importance of proper commercial lighting in running a business. It is the appropriate interior lighting that makes customers feel good in it. The right light intensity, its color or the arrangement of the lamps ... everything contributes to the success that is within reach. Today, we present some simple tips that can help you properly illuminate not only hotels, but also smaller guesthouses. Pole light is an essential part of an Outdoor lighting system that illuminates the roads and pathways in order to guide human beings and vehicles. These lights ensure safety on the roads and pathways and considerably minimize the accidents and unfortunate situations around that area.

The commercial lighting manufacturers believed and engineered this lighting systems in way that it should support multiple LED lights for optimal illumination of the area. This LED pole light is used not only to illuminate the roads and pathways but also for the beautification of public and private properties.


1. Outdoorlighting

This is an element that we often forget about, which is a big mistake. It is the first impression that affects how a given place will be perceived. Guests who drive up to a beautifully lit hotel with a visible sign and delicately lit alleys will feel pampered from the very first moment of their stay.

2. Wow effect

When entering the interior for the first time, we look around and… judge. It is a natural thing that must be met. That is why the hotel lobby should not be complete without a lamp that will delight guests from the very first impression. In classic interiors, it can be a large crystal chandelier.

In modern arrangements, it is worth focusing on the original form. Modern lamps are like modern works of art, it's worth taking advantage of. An additional benefit of such decorations? Today's recipients are happy to share beautiful things. The impressive lamp will certainly appear in the social media of customers who will be happy to mark such a stylish place.

3. Well-lit reception area

This is an extremely important element. People who come to a hotel for the first time often feel confused. Properly directing them through the light will be a great help. A well-lit, bright reception desk will be an indication that this is the place to go for the start of your stay.

How to illuminate the reception desk? Here, you should choose bright light, with a neutral or cool tint. Ceiling spotlights directed at the operators work well here. A decorative element can be slender lamps on longer overhangs, which will illuminate the table top.

4. Lighting of details

The hotel should be a coherent arrangement thought out in every detail, well… details. They are also very important. It is thanks to elements such as sculptures, effective paintings or structural elements on the walls that guests feel that the place is perfectly designed.

In order to draw their attention to what is most important, it is worth installing spot lighting. For this type of task, it is best to choose adjustable ceiling eyelets, spots or wall spotlights that will perfectly cope with illuminating details.

5. Bright corridors

Functionality counts here. Corridors, usually without windows, must be well lit. Guests looking for their room or returning to it after a hard day must not have problems with reaching their destination. Corridors should be lit with bright, clear light. It is best to choose lamps with motion sensors that will turn on automatically.

Of course, decorations consistent with the interior design should not be missing here as well. In addition to the main commerciallighting, it is worth installing delicate wall lamps with elegant lampshades on the walls or spot lighting that will illuminate pictures or photos mounted on the walls.

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, refer the blog section of the website ledlightexpert.com. There is an informative article about pole lights and light poles, which explains in detail about different pole lights, led lights and how to choose the best pole lights.


They also have a shop section from where you can easily order any of the LED lights for your houses, stadium, or your exteriors.

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How to illuminate the reception desk? Here, you should choose bright light, with a neutral or cool tint. Ceiling spotlights directed at the operators work well here. A decorative element can be slender lamps on longer overhangs, which will illuminate the table top.
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