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What to Look for When Buying a Trampoline
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There's no doubt that having a trampoline in the yard is a blast. It's not just children who'd be having fun bouncing around but adults who just want to feel the thrill of being up in the air as well. The feeling of momentary weightlessness, coupled with the sense of security of a safe fall makes for a cheap adrenaline rush. However, for people who are still considering of getting one, it's important to acknowledge the fact that buying second-rate trampolines is highly discouraged. Heck, substandard trampolines shouldn't even exist in the first place. Unfortunately, they do. Here are some helpful considerations on how to pick the best trampoline for the family.

1.    Brand

Choosing an item by virtue of its brand alone is the epitome of a capitalist society. But this doesn't have to be the sole reason for buying something, including a trampoline. The harsh reality is that brands that are quite well-known have earned their reputation for their stringent quality control. After all, they want their brand integrity to be as untarnished as possible. And when it comes to trampoline, quality control should always be first priority. It's just that quality control which defines the best trampolines typically goes hand in hand with reputation.

2.    Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, the integrity of an item that is subjected to quite a lot of stress - which is the trampoline - will need to be top-notch. Not just the durability of each individual parts, but how they are put together. It's no secret that people use their trampolines aggressively. Add the fact that there is a growing following of trampoline exercise routines around which will demand even more sturdiness from trampolines. The trouble with checking build quality comes when the trampoline is purchased from an online distributor. But it's no longer that much of a problem thanks to reviews which can be easily found on the Internet.

3.    Safety Enclosure

One should not have to consider safe age to use trampolines to want to have a safety enclosure for their trampolines. Both children and adults could make use of a net enclosure since the trampoline knows no age when a jump trajectory goes awry. Needless to say that the net itself should be able to hold a falling person; and the poles holding it up can support the rather awkward weight distribution of a person falling at an angle. A safety enclosure does cost a bit more, but it's definitely worth the price.

4.    Sufficient Space

With all good things said about trampolines, it's a sad reality that not everyone can own them. One important requirement for owning a trampoline is space. And it's impractical to buy one for a studio type apartment. Well, apart from a toddler's trampoline, anyway. Sure, some personal trampolines can fit the limited space, but trampolines should have a buffer space of ideally one meter from the sides. This is so that any person who'd fall out from it won't collide with the walls or any standing objects around the trampoline. Falling towards a coffee table sounds like a bad way to end a fun trampoline session

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