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what features should consider when choosing jewelry testing tools
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What is the Gem Refractometer and Chelsea Filter ?

It is a device that measures the clarity of gems. It uses a prism, which splits light into the component colors. Then, it passes through a graded filtrate. The refractometer can be used by jewelers, jewelers, and jewelers. Chelsea Filter also known by the name gemcutter's or gemcutter’s loupe, it is a filter that helps in grading gems. It comprises two lenses that are placed in front a user's eyes. They are used for magnification and to inspect gems. It is commonly used by jewelers for grading stones purchased from another source or their own.

How to Select the Best Gem Refractometer For Your Needs
A confusing task is buying a machine to spin gems. There are many things you should consider when purchasing one. These are the main factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing your first machine.
The best quality-to-cost ratio will depend on the size of the stones and how many tables you plan to use them with.

How to Avoid Unauthorized Gem Refractometers
Jewelers use gem refractometers for determining the quality and color of gemstones. They are also used to identify gemstones. There is one problem with these machines: many people use them for testing gems they don't have or can't sell.

This article will explain how to avoid buying unlicensed gem refractometers and what you should look out for when you are shopping for one.

The following are some features to look out for in a refractometer:
- Auto shutoff
- Depth gauge
- Temperature gauge
- Refractive Index Scale
- A built-in light source

See more:https://www.jewelerstoolsmall.com


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