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How to "Pick" the Right Apple for the Job
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Apples have numerous health benefits; They contain pectin, a natural soluble fiber that aids digestion and may help reduce cancer and heart disease.

 Pection also cuts down on the amount of
fat your body cells absorb. How cool is THAT?
This crisp, juicy fruit is irresistible-and always
evolving as enticing new varieties keep arriving on
the market. But the classic favorites are still holding
their own, as popular as ever (Overall, there's over
2,000 types!).

Here are a few "picks":

1. ROME BEAUTY-This apple's named for Rome Township, Ohio, where the first
sapling was found. These mildly sweet apples are popular for baking because
of the deep flavor they develop when they're cooking.
Available October-December

2. PINK LADY-The firm and tangy flesh (with a "blushing" appearance) holds its
flavor and shape while baking, which makes this a great choice for those who
like a tart flavor (with a sweet aftertaste!). This is also the last apple to be
harvested, so it's a good type to look for during the colder months.
Available October-July

3. WINESAP-They're plum-colored and prized by cider makers for their rich, spicy
taste and smooth texture. They're also good for applesauce and apple butter.
Did you know that this variety dates back before 1800?
Available November-December

4. CRITERION-Golden with a pale pink blush, the Criterion's sweet and juicy with
a honey-like flavor. It's also ideal to use in salads and fruit platters (the flesh
doesn't brown after it's cut).
Available October-July


5. GRANNY SMITH-A great choice for a pie that will come out firm-never mushy
(this apple holds its shape and resists browning). The tangy flavor is also a
good choice for making cider. You can eat a Granny Smith as is (it's delicious
cut into wedges and served with other fresh fruits or cheese), but your lips may
pucker a little!
This apple originated in Australia and New Zealand.

6. GOLDEN DELICIOUS-This yellow variety bakes beautifully and freezes very
well, so if you're craving apple pie in January or February...!
With a sweet mellow flavor, the golden is also great in a salad.

7. GALA-They're orangey-yellow, covered with red stripes. Galas are great for
baking (not too sweet, they're crisp and hold their shape well) and for cider and
eating as is.

8. BRAEBURN-Originating in New Zealand in the 1980s, this crisp, juicy,
medium-sized variety has a sweet and spicy flavor. The appearance varies in
shades of crimson over a golden background; they can be green-gold with a
light blush or solid red.
An all-purpose variety, the Braeburn's firm texture is great for baking in a pie
and making caramel apples. They can also be used for juice, sauce, or diced
and mixed with walnuts in a creamy chicken salad, or eaten as is.
Available October-July

9. CAMEO-Very distinctive by their yellow skin with red stripes and a heart shape,
they're one of the newest arrivals on the apple scene. They're sweet, fragrant
and fine-grained, great for dips or eating as is.
Available October-July

10. McINTOSH-Red and green in appearance, extra juicy with a soft grainy
texture, the Mac breaks down when cooked.
But it's excellent for eating as and is one of the best varieties for making apple
butter or sauce. It's also perfect in a cobbler or a flaky turnover. These apples
are the ones most often used in baby food; Macs require little added sugar and
cook down in just a few minutes.

11. FUJI-Originating from Japan, this apple is reddish-pink and has a perfumed
spicy aroma reminiscent of that country's trees. The Fuji has a syrupy
sweetness that makes it great for applesauce or eating as is. But they're too
sweet for baking.

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