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How Does Shared Lead Model Different From Exclusive Lead Models
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Lead generation is a highly significant aspect of any real estate business. It helps in the generation of more traffic, and a greater number of website visits. It also increases the rate of conversions and helps a business obtain massive profits in this process.

Thus, lead generation results in greater customer acquisition, and more revenue generation. To implement the process effectively, it is important to understand the differences between shared and exclusive lead model. 

What Is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process involves the creation of job opportunities using several methods that includes marketing, advertising, purchasing sales leads, etc. These methods help increase the possibilities of finding more lead generation opportunities in the business. There are two main ways to buy a lead: shared or exclusive.

If you are looking to expand your business, then you should get the assistance of Leads Boss. It is a leading company that provides you a team of expert professionals to make the SEO lead generation process more effective.

What Is Better: Shared Lead Model Or Exclusive Lead Model?

The exclusive and shared lead model has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. To choose the right one it is important to understand the difference between shared and exclusive leads model.

Shared Lead Model

This is the common option that a majority of the realty firm chooses to get access to lead generation firms. In the case of a shared lead model, leads are shared among several competitors.


  • Shared leads are inexpensive compared to exclusive leads
  • The model gives the ability to users to compare as well as analyze who offers the best amenities and price to them.
  • The quantity of lead is high
  • Low Cost Per Lead
  • High Volume of Leads


  • It is difficult for real estate firms to convert shared leads. The reason is due to the high competition and low popularity of your brand.
  • The quality of leads is inferior. Thus, the money and time you invest in implementing this model go wasted.
  • The process also lacks transparency as companies do not have information on the number of times sales leads were traded
  • Charges user for every single sales lead

Exclusive Lead Model

Exclusive leads give good quality leads than the shared lead model but come at a high price. It has a few more pros and cons such as:


  • The quality of sales lead is high
  • The model allows only authorized access to users. This implies that only your team members can access the leads
  • If you notice low brand awareness, then exclusive leads will assist in improved conversions
  • You get the advantage of being the first one to interact with a customer
  • A business gets more possibilities to target specific demographics
  • The technique enables you to refine the selection as well as customized-target the audience


  • In comparison to shared leads, this method is costlier.
  • Also, in comparison to sales leads, the quality of leads may not be of very high quality


The lead generation process isn’t easy. It is also not always transparent. Due to the complexities in its implementation, many businesses outsource this task to specialized companies. This helps them get exclusive access to qualified leads while they focus on their core activities.

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