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Banff Springs Hotel – A Classic for Wedding Couples and Banff Photographers Alike
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If you have never heard of the Banff Springs Hotel, “Google it” and have a look at the images section.  You’ll see a massive castle sticking up through a forest high in the Canadian Rockies.  It looks surreal, like something out of a fairy tale and for many young girls who visit the hotel as a child, it becomes their dream to get married there some day.  The best wedding photographers in Banff, know that Banff Springs Hotel weddings are always amazing to photograph for a variety of reasons.

Hotel In Canada

One of the key reasons it’s easy to capture great images here is the hotel’s location in Banff National Park; there are 360 degree views of the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.  A short drive will take couples to beautiful waterfalls, majestic forests, pristine mountain lakes and amazing vistas.

Banff Wedding Photographer

Another reason top wedding photographers in Banff love working at the Banff Springs Hotel is because of its architecture.  There are very few, if any, buildings in western Canada that rival it’s elegance and grandeur.  Not only does the exterior of the building provide countless unique background options, but the indoor photography options are just as appealing.  The intricate stone work, spiral staircases, polished floors, and huge vaulted windows provide amazing indoor natural lighting options and a large variety of outstanding backdrops.  For those planning an indoor wedding, or a wedding during a time of the year when the weather is typically not ideal this can be a huge consideration.  The best wedding photographers in Banff know that an entire wedding, including the portrait session, can be photographed within the hotel if necessary, which is true of very few other hotels.

Banff Wedding Photographer

The Banff Springs Hotel also provides couples with a variety of options in terms of where to host their wedding within the hotel.  There are 3 large ballrooms for bigger weddings, several smaller spaces for more intimate sized groups, as well as an option for outdoor weddings on the terrace.  Banff photographers love the variety of settings that really allows couples to customize their day.

Top Wedding Photographers in Banff

Couples planning a wedding at the Banff Springs Hotel that want to hire one of the best wedding photographers in Banff should consider hiring Alan Maudie.  He has photographed weddings at the Banff Springs Hotel, in Banff, and in the Canadian Rockies for over a decade and is known locally as a specialist in mountain wedding photography.  As one of the top wedding photographers in Banff, he focusses on helping couples relax and enjoy their day while creating natural looking portraits and candids that capture true emotion.  Email Alan at email@alanmaudie.com

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