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Quicken 2018 software launched by HIG Capital with host of new features!
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Quicken 2018 is in the market now and it boasts of many new features and functions that are all aimed at easing the fiscal management while also at the same time, offering frontline capabilities to its users. Quicken has been the leading personal financial management software for more than 30 years and was originally developed and marketed by Intuit. In March 2016, Intuit sold it’s quicken business to HIG Capital, a Miami based private equity firm. The acquisition was in the form of management buyout! Right after buying, the new owner took initiatives to strengthen the functional attributes with the objective of giving it more edge in the ever competitive market. HIG Capital also announced that quicken 2018 support would be expanded to allow the users in USA and Canada find easy and swift assistance anytime 24/7. Towards this initiative, quicken support number 2018 would be also augmented through tech assimilations and upgrades. There will be increase in the Quicken 2018 phone support service lines. HIG Capital also announced the following initiatives -


Expanded Mac capabilities in the new quicken line up!

Quicken line up for Mac users has been expanded significantly by HIG Capital. Now they have the option to choose from quicken starter, quicken deluxe and quicken premier versions as per their requirements of financial management. The expanded Mac capabilities and versions on offer will definitely play a vital role!


New features in windows version of quicken!

Users will also find new features in Windows version of Quicken. These new features include robust bills management and payments, dynamic investment options for the user and much more to make the experience seamless. Quicken support number 2018 will cater equally to the Windows and Mac users for all their queries!


New membership program too!

There is also new membership program that combines the top end features with rationalized fee structure for all the users who can choose one or two year options. These members will get swift quicken 2018 phone support!

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