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Working with small businesses in the IT, health, lifestyle and training industries to improve their processes and target growth.
If you are approaching the time when you’re considering whether or not to get help from a home carer one of your first thoughts will surely be about the costs involved.
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If you are looking to train for a new project manager career, this doesn’t necessary mean that you need to leave your current post. You can, alongside your current role, look into online training.
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Online learning is a way of learning that is becoming more popular and more commonplace in the modern learning environment. And like other industries, new trends are emerging all the time.
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Conflict, is something which happens all the time in life and is mostly easily dealt with. Conflict in a care setting however may need careful handling.
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Mind mapping is a planning tool that is used across many industries. Project management training often includes the use of mind maps as a visual planning aid, one that works well to gather ideas of project teams.
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