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Personal Information
Heatbud is a podium to express your ideas, thoughts and opinions to the entire world.
Please use discretion when sharing personal information in your posts. Never share sensitive and private information such as social security number, driver's license, credit card numbers etc.
While most of what you type on Heatbud becomes public instantly, we do recognize that the email address and password that we collect during the process of registration need to be protected. We handle them sensitively.
We will use your email address only for important communication from us and our partners, while giving you the ability to restrict such email communication, as required by law.
However, we may still send some critical communication to you, as deemed necessary by us to continue business relationships with you, and as warranted by law.

Data Encryption
Your data is encrypted using a High-grade 256 bit encryption before being transmitted over the internet.
Your password is encrypted before storing, using a one-way key algorithm that provides no means of decrypting. As such, our employees and our customer service can never see your password as a plain text.

We use cookies to store data on your computer. You must take steps to protect this information from hackers and viruses, as you do with your other critical files on your computer.

You are the sole owner of the content that you submit. You're responsible to make sure that copyright of the content is duly honored.
We request that you avoid using objectionable content in your posts. We're not the authority to decide which content is objectionable, and hence we don't edit, modify or censor your posts. But we reserve the right to delete your blog(s) or delete your account completely, if we choose to.
We don't accept blog posts on adult or illegal topics such as casino, tobacco, escorts, guns, alcohol, drugs etc.
Brands and Trademarks: Heatbud prohibits use of content that impersonates any brand and/or uses any trademark in an attempt to steal personal information or perform similar unlawful activities. Furthermore, unauthorized display and/or misappropriation of copyrighted material and trademarks with an intent to profit is a violation of their intellectual property rights and as such those activities are strictly prohibited on Heatbud.
Under no circumstances do we take the ownership of your content. We may, however, use your content (giving due credit to you) for promotional purposes.
Heatbud protects the intellectual property of the bloggers to the extent allowed by the law. Readers may share Heatbud posts in their "original" form giving due credit to the blogger. However, the blog content should NOT be extracted, copied or used elsewhere without obtaining permission from the blogger.

No Warranties
This software comes with no warranties.
While we do our best to keep your information safe and secure, we can't rule out the possibility of your information being hacked or lost, due to the things beyond our control. Examples are bugs in the software, and issues with the infrastructure. In the unlikely event that it happens, we will do our best to recover and protect your information.

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