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Polish Posts with Rewrites
Rewriting is an often neglected step that is an essential part of the writing process.

Get Feedback

Use the "Send By Email" button to email the URL to your friends. Take all feedback seriously, whether you implement it or not.

Your post is not visible to the world until you publish, but those with a link will be able to read your post. So don't make the link public at this point.

Changes to Title

As much as possible, do NOT edit the Title. Since the URL is permanent, updating the Title will make it different from the URL, thus reducing rank by search engines.

If you must modify the Title beyond a word or two, DELETE the Post and start a new one.

Changes to Summary

It is okay to change the Summary before the post is published. Make the Summary crisp and catchy so that it can pull users into reading your post.

Changes to Content

Read your post from various angles and make sure it is powerful enough to start a meaningful conversation. Remember that blogging is the beginning of a conversation, not the end.

Publish Post

Think twice and when you're ready, click the Publish button! Now, go celebrate!

Remember - the moment you publish, people can start reading your post. You will be able to edit the post even after you publish, but those who have already finished reading your post may not read those edits.

Delete Post

When you delete a post, the Heat Index will be reset to zero, and the Zone and Blogger Heat Indexes are adjusted accordingly.

If the post has already been added to Reading Lists, it will not be removed from them, but users will see the Title and the message "This Post has been deleted". Content will only be visible to you and you will be able to edit and publish the post again.

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