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Writing for a Business

Please read this page before writing for a business.

  1. Review Buyer's Heatbud page and their website.
  2. Contact Buyer by email and/or phone with selected questions from the below questionnaire. Please note that these are only examples. Bloggers need to come up with their own questions, topics and ideas for their blog posts.
  3. Write and publish blog post within the delivery time using the instructions at Guide for Bloggers. When in the Blog Editor, make sure to:
    • Select an appropriate Zone for the blog post or create a new Zone.
    • Select Buyer's Heatbud Page.
  4. Once published, go to the Order page and request buyer for a review.
  5. When buyer closes the order, money will be deposited into your Paypal account.



o What is unique about your business?
o What is your target market?
o What is your vision? What are some of the goals and objectives for your business?
o What is the name of your business? Also your full name and your background?
o What type of business is it?
o Where will your business be located? (current address)
o Is your business full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.?
o What is the status of your business? (Startup, expansion, etc.)
o What makes your business unique and likely to be successful?
o What factors will lead to the growth of your business?
o What are your products/services? What are the features?
o What is unique (special qualities) about your products/services?
o How does your products/services satisfy your customer’s needs?
o What are the benefits and added values of your products?
Target Market:
o Who are your potential customers?
o Where do they live?
o How old are they?
o Are they male or female?
o What is the size of your target market?
o Is your target market stable, growing or shrinking?
o What are the local and/or national trends in your industry?
Analysis of Competition:
o Who are your five nearest competitors?
o What are each of their strengths and weaknesses?
o Who are their customers?
o Why do their customers shop there?
o How much do your competitors charge?
o Is their business steady, increasing or decreasing and why?
o How will your business be different/better?
o How will your business be positioned against your competition? (Better service? Lower price? Special niche?)
o For a product business: How will your product be presented? A bag with your business name and logo? A box? (Attach if available)
o For a service business: What will your marketing material look like - business cards, logo, website, etc.? (Attach if available)
o Where will your business be located?
o What factors will influence your choice of location?
o What features will your location have?
o How will your building contribute to your marketing strategy?
o What are the features of your building layout?
o What is/are the price(s) of your product(s) and/or service(s)?
o Why will your customers pay your prices?
o If your price is higher than your competition: What special advantage do you offer to justify the higher price?
o If your price is lower than your competition: Is your price profitable?
o How will you attract customers/clients?
o How will you promote sales?
o How will you retain your customers/clients?
o How will you expand your market base?
o How will/does your promotion/advertising reach your target market?
Physical Distribution:
o How will you get your product to your customers?
o Will they come to your business or will you deliver your product?
o What are the cost and benefits of your distribution plan?
o Who are your suppliers and why?

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