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Before You Write


Heatbud is a podium to express your ideas, thoughts and opinions to the entire world.

Please keep your private information to yourself. Heatbud is not a place to share your sensitive and private information.

You are the owner of the posts that you create on Heatbud. You retain all rights to the content and the images. You can delete the posts anytime you want.

A note on sharing: Heatbud imposes no restrictions to share the posts in their "original" form giving due credit to the blogger. However, the content should NOT be extracted, copied or used elsewhere without obtaining permission from the blogger.

Heatbud protects the intellectual property of the bloggers to the extent allowed by the law.

Please read our Privacy and Terms for more information.

No Offensive Material

Heatbud reserves the right to delete any material that has been considered inappropriate by us. Nudity and Violence are completely unacceptable on Heatbud.

Blog Post Title

Title goes right into the URL and together they form critical piece of information for search engines.

Though you are allowed to update the Title later, Heatbud recommends you finalize the Title "before" you start writing the post, because search engines prefer the pages with URL and title exactly the same.

Please read Search Engine Optimization for more information.

Gather Images

Images add color and flavor to your post and without them, your post looks bland. There are two ways to host your images.

(1) Upload them to the Images page on Heatbud.
(2) If the images exist somewhere else on the internet, insert the URLs directly into your posts.

Whether you host your images on Heatbud or use them from an internet location, they should not be deleted after they have been inserted into your posts. Doing so will result in your post displaying broken links.

Use Tablet?

You can take pictures on the Tablet and upload them directly from the Images page.

Free Images

Read this Wikipedia guide and learn how to obtain royalty-free images for your next post.

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