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Each Heatbud post contains the following sections.

Zone Header

Zone Header shows the name of your current zone and several actions available at the Zone level.

The arrows toward the left and right ends of the Zone Title Box let you traverse through posts in the zone.

Post Header

Post Header shows Headshot, Title, Blogger and Published Date. Toward the right, you will see Heat Index, Your Current Vote, Number of UpVotes, DownVotes and Comments on the post.

If you are a logged-in user, you will be able to UpVote or DownVote a post.

Share Controls

You can email the post or share it on facebook with one click. To share elsewhere, use the URL in the green font or from the address bar.


The Comments section displays all the comments on the post sorted by date. If you are logged-in, you will be able to write comments and Follow / Unfollow comments on posts.