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Search Engine Optimization
Heatbud does everything (and a bit more) to help your posts reach the right audience within Heatbud and beyond.

Heatbud understands that reaching the maximum number of people by hook or crook is not the best way to make your posts popular. In fact, such means can seriously damage the reputation of your post, your authorship and Heatbud as a whole.

We analyze various pieces of information on your posts and present targeted inputs to the Search Engines.

Facebook Id

Your Facebook Id will be used to represent you as the blogger when your post is shared on Facebook.

Action Required: When you give us your Facebook Id, you will also need to Enable Follow on Facebook (Go to Account Settings and click on the Followers tab). To learn more, visit Facebook Sharing Best Practices.

Google Id

Your Google Id will be used to represent you as the blogger in the Google search results. To learn more, visit Blogger information in search results.

Action Required: When you give us your Google Id, we do the Step 1 of Option 2 from the above URL for all of your posts. You will need to complete the Step 2 to confirm to Google that you are the blogger of your posts.

Hash Tags

We automatically generate hash tags for your post based on the Title.