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Collaborate with other Bloggers
Heatbud is all about collaboration. There are many ways to start or continue the conversation with other bloggers.

Update your Profile page

Upload your Profile picture and the optional background picture. Fill in your profile and contact information in a few succinct sentences.

Note that the "Contact Me" space is not meant to reveal your sensitive information. You may give out your website URL or an email address that's not private.

"Enable Email Me" feature lets other Heatbud users reach you without revealing your email address. This feature is enabled by default.


Whenever you read a post on Heatbud, either Up vote or Down vote the post before moving onto the next. This will help other Heatbud users find better posts. Hint: You may Up vote or Down vote on your own posts too.


Comments facilitate discussion and collaboration. Be gentle, constructive and encouraging when you comment.

If you must post a negative comment, please be reasonable and descriptive.

Comments are emailed to all the followers of the post including the Blogger.

Comment on Comments

If you're blogger of the post, this is where you can respond to comments. You may thank the commenter, answer the question or give additional information.

Even if you're not the blogger of the post, you can continue discussion on the thread by responding to the comments.

Delete or Thank Comments

Bloggers will be able to Thank the commenter and/or Delete comments on their posts.

Thanked comments will move to the top of the list.

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