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Quick Guide to using Heatbud

Business bloggers → Follow the five steps below to host your Blog Page at Heatbud.
Individual bloggers → Skip steps 2 and 5.

Once you set up your business or individual blog page, Contact Us to feature your page in the front page of Heatbud.

Step 1. Create an account for yourself as Blogger

Whether you are blogging for business or for pleasure, you need to signup as an individual blogger, not as business or group. The signup page below opens in a new tab for your convenience.

Login/ Signup

Step 2. Create a page for your business, band or group (applicable to business bloggers only)

To create a Blog Page for your business, simply navigate to your profile page and click "Create Page". You can add as many businesses as you want.

A business can have any number of bloggers. A Blogger can write for any number of businesses.

Step 3. Enter a Zone

Zones are topics of interest for your blog posts. You may enter an existing zone created by someone else, or you can create a zone for yourself.

For your convenience, the links below open in new tabs.

Step 4. Create a Post in this zone

To create a new blog post, simply click "Create a Post in this zone" in the Zone header.
Create post

Step 5. Host your website's blog page at Heatbud (applicable to business bloggers only)

If you have a Blog Page on your website, your blog posts are seen only by your website visitors.

Here is the twist. When you host your Blog Page at Heatbud, your blog posts are seen by the entire Heatbud community in addition to your website visitors.

To host your blog page at Heatbud, simply redirect your Website's Blog Page to https://www.heatbud.com/your-business-page as below.

Host Blog Page