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Unlike traditional blogging sites, Heatbud has been designed from the ground up with a strong focus on Social features. Here are some of them:


The core social feature of Heatbud that makes collaboration happen. Every other function of Heatbud revolves around the Zone.

Some zones are time-bound and some eternal. Some are limited to a particular region and some global. But all zones are powerful entities that facilitate a targeted discussion.

Reading List

Heatbud's proprietary algorithm that picks the "top" among the "unread posts in a zone" as your next post. Let's say there are 10 posts in a zone and you have read 2 of them. When you click next, we pick the best among the remaining 8 posts and present it as your next post.

The purpose of the Reading List is to ensure that you will be reading the best posts as you traverse through the zone.

Reading List is completely transparent to users and it is automatically maintained by Heatbud.


Alerts show you the number of unread posts in your favorite zones. Alerts also let you know when new posts are published in your favorite zones.

World's Most Advanced Blog Editor

At Heatbud, your imagination has no bounds.

Make use of beautiful fonts. Insert photos or videos. Present slide shows. Use tables. Go creative!

Profile Page

Your Heatbud profile page represents you as a blogger.

We have designed your profile page in such a way that it showcases your blogging world. It's your personal post. Show it to your friends and impress them!
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