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Getting started with Heatbud
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For Bloggers
• I want to share my expertise
• I want to make money
For Businesses
• I want to create a new website
• I want to add social blogging to my website
Guide for Business users

Step 1. Create an account

Login/ Signup

Step 2. Create a page for your business

Visit Page Manager to create a page for your business.

Step 3. Select a Payment Package

Visit Page Manager to select one of BASIC, PREMIUM or PREMIUM PLUS packages.

Step 4. Redirect your website or blog page to Heatbud

If you don't have a website -> Register a domain, redirect it to your Heatbud page and save money by not having to hire a web designer. Have no website
If you have a website -> Redirect your blog to your Heatbud page. Already have website

Step 5. Find freelancers to write blog posts for you

If you are a BASIC user, visit Page Manager to find a blogger who can write blog posts for your business page.

If you are a PREMIUM user, we will do this step for you.