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What can I say about myself, that won't make me sound as if I am boosting my own self or creating this image of who I am not. I guess all I can say is that I come from the small state of New Hampshire. Zoom in a little more you will find that I live on a farm with horses, cows, pigs, and chickens. If you zoom in again you will see much more. I am on my way to college a far way from home called Fort Kent, Maine; accompanied by my trusty companion Yankee, a 14 year old Morgan Arabian cross gelding. What am I doing way up there? In four years I will be joining the Police Academy and then Game Warden Academy/training. I hope to one day be a Game Warden of the north! Besides my future goals I would call myself just another person, nothing real special or outstanding. Just me. Hey bonus if I have kept you this long, you can carry on and keep looking at some things about me and maybe my blogs. Let me know what you want to see or know!
A small poem written beside the one I love.
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Want to go to college but not sure you can make it? Insecure or nervous? Don't be, you got this!
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I love agriculture! I have been a part of FFA since 2010, and held office in my chapter for three years (Secretary, Treasure and retiring as Vice President). I will be opening my own Collegial chapter At UMaine Fort Kent. I have my own small farm and hope to have another when I move up north, mostly focusing on cattle and becoming mostly all self-sufficient. I am an equestrian as well. Being an equestrian doesn't mean I am champion in any competition or that I have tons of money to spend on equipment. To me being an equestrian is to love and understand your horse, they become a part of your family and their soul binds with yours. I ride both western and English style but I passionately ride bareback. So now for my total dork side. I do play World of Warcraft (If you play let me know we will run dungeons or battle grounds together sometime!), I also play Star Wars the Old Republic....I also adore the movies. I one day dream of attending Comic Con or LARP or just a medieval festival. I also read a lot however my favorite series of all time is Harry Potter! I have always loved the series and truly believe that series was the inspiration to my whole life.
Send me an email! I thoroughly enjoy getting mail of all sorts. If you aren't one for email I do have a snapchat: BrownSwissMoo or you can check out my instagram @BrownSwissAndLove I believe that's really it until I get to know you.
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