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What do you do when you give your all to someone else;s situation and you still end as the bad person? I can say that  don't like negativity and I can say that life has taught me so much. I have been a relationship where I was used and verbally abused. Is it healthy? NO 

I have been cheated on, lied on, and made to look stupid. But for the most part, I lost myself in someone who really didn't lose his self in me. Getting back in the dating world was hard after I became a widow because I never thought that I would be cheated on. Maybe I was nieve and maybe it the fact that believe that there is good in everyone. Who knows!!!

That relationship in its self taught me a lot. I had to learn the hard way. I blamed myself and it took a toll on me. I sunk into this world of why me? Why did he hurt me? What did I do to deserve such pain? I never thought that my heart could feel so much hurt. Hurt that I had NEVER felt before. 

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  .   david Mitchel
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  .   Owen Garner
I expected to take in the most troublesome way that could be available. I blamed myself and it exacted noteworthy harm on me. I sunk into this universe of me for what reason did he hurt me. What did I do to legitimacy such torment? I never trusted that my heart could feel so much hurt that I had felt at no other time. Online Essay Help UK
  .   dailyonweb
Positive intuition frequently begins with self-talk. Self-talk is the interminable stream of implicit contemplation that gone through your mind. These programmed musings can be sure or negative. Some of your self-talk originates from rationale and reason. Other self-talk may emerge from misguided judgments that you make on account of absence of data.
  .   jhonsteve472
That relationship in its self-educated me a great deal. I needed to take in the most difficult way possible I pointed the finger at myself and it incurred significant injury on me. I sunk into this universe of why me Why did he hurt me what did I do to merit such torment? I never suspected that my heart could feel so much hurt that I had never felt Power Point Presentation-DoneDissertation
  .   Andrewstrauss473
Intriguing circumstance to be in yet in my times of composing papers and individual connections I can identify with what you are feeling. I once deed everything for an organization despite everything they let go me. Be that as it may, I quit agonizing over that. Admission Essay Writing-Essay Tiger
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