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Searching For The Smoke Eater: An Air Purifier Hunt
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I moved into my new place about a month and a half ago. Upon moving into the home I noticed that it had a lingering smoke smell. The first thing I thought was that if I simply opened all the windows that the smoking odor would simply leave over the course of the next day or two. Well, it didn't... And the result was an adventure that almost drove me crazy.


The first thing I tried was Googling "how to remove smoke smell" to try to figure out some solutions. I found some crazy ideas, such as sprinkling baking soda around to suck the smoker smell out of the air and carpet. That of course didn't work. The next thing I did was go over to the mall and buy a cheap little air purifier to try to filter the smoke out of the air. It was one of those little hundred dollar ones that had a HEPA filter. I ran it over the course of the next week on a 24/7 rampage. It did virtually nothing to remove the smell, and it still was if somebody was smoking in my house last night. 


So I dug a little farther and did some research on smoke and air purifiers. As it turns out VERY few methods of air filtration can actually remove smoke from the air. Even expensive things such as air ionizers and certified HEPA filters can't touch the stuff. The only single thing that I could verify that was actually known to stop smoke odors was an Ozone generator. What this means is that an air purifier generates that same stuff that you smell after rain fall... O3. Ozone (AKA O3) is essentially some sort of oxygen-like molecule that can be dispersed throughout your home's air supply and latch itself onto impurities in the air, like smoke. This is way different than other filtering methods, which usually just suck air through a purifier and try to filter out stuff. Even ionic generators just cause smoke to be weighted down and drop a bit. But an Ozone air purifier can actually break up smoking's leftover nastiness. So needless to say, this is what I went after.


I now knew what type of air purifiers can eliminate smoke, so all I had to do was find which one was the best. I lot of the ozone generators on the market were just a one trick pony, and didn't have anything else (HEPA, Ions, Carbon filters, etc) yet were extremely expensive. I did also suffer from allergies and the fact that I was already buying a purifier made me want to get something that could also deal with my allergy problems. So I started looking for models that had multiple stages of filtration. I found a few that were around the $300-mark that had three, or five stage. But for the money they seemed fairly light in features. It was then that I came across the model that I eventually ended up buying, the Summit by Rocky Mountain Air. This one had a whopping seven stages of air purification, and featured Ozone just like I wanted. It even is billed as "The Smoke Eater" and had a video demonstrating how well this air purifier could deal with stopping smoke. They had a sale going on, so after another day or so I ordered one.


Just a couple days later, or so, my air purifier arrived. It was better looking than it's photos gave it credit for and I was excited to find out if I wasted my time/money or not. Although to be fair it did come with a moneyback promise, so I wasn't really at much risk. But I was anxious to try it out and see if this air cleaner could work it's magic on my home's smoky air. I set it to run with ozone turned on (a feature you can toggle off should you want) and let it run while I was away (as instructed). After just a quick lunch break's time, I returned and was absolutely shocked to smell how fresh the Summit had made my air! The smoke odors were gone and the air was crisper and fresher feeling than before as well. 


I've been using it daily ever since and am happy to report that not only did it eliminate the smell of smoke from the house, but my allergies are much better as well. It was quite the adventure, but in the end I'm happy. 

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