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Issues That India Needs to Address
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We don't need any stressing on the fact that we don't live in a perfect nation. Like any other nation, India has its own flaws. Like the good things, bad things exist too. But, what we can do is be happy about the good parts and work on the bad parts. Yes, we would have to work on the bad parts. Because, let's face it- the problems are not going to resolve themselves, are they? So, here is the thing- we can run, we can hide, but at the end of the day we cannot escape the problems and we would have to come face to face with the problems. And, as they said, better late than never, so, the time is now.

There are many problems that this nation is going through right now. And, the right thing to do would be to look them in the eye and start working to make them right.
So, here are the issues that we think India is facing right now, issues that need to be discussed and addressed:

Corruption: In the recent times, this issue has often come up in the media with major government officials being involved in corruption that involved huge amount of money. This is one problem that actually has the potential to hamper the proper functioning of any economy. And, this isn't restricted to just government officials, it is us individuals who are involved in day to day acts of corruption.

Poverty: This has to be one of the major evils facing our country. Everyday thousands of people die in our country because they do not have the proper resources to sustain themselves as a result they die of malnutrition, diseases or extremely poor living and sanitation conditions. While the rich people keep on getting richer, the conditions of the poor are getting worse. This is one issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Overpopulation: The population of India is estimated at 1.27 billion and ranks second in the world in population after China. The government should take measures in order to curb the growing rate before it's too late.

Violence against women: Women in India feel unsafe all the time and live in constant fear at all times. Crimes such as harassment, rapes, sexual assaults are too many in number. Sexual Childhood Violence is also not uncommon. It is the duty of the government to provide better safety measures and prosecute the offenders of such heinous crimes.

Terrorism: India has always been home to a lot of terrorist activities.  The dispute between India and Pakistan has rendered the country prone to a number of terrorist activities that are fail to stop. Killings of innocent children, men, women alike- by the terrorists, it's only time that the government took extreme measures to curb terrorism in India.

Inflation: The country has been caught up by inflation so bad especially since the past some years. The rising prices of basic amenities have led a hole in the pockets of the common man. The government despite all its promises has not been able to reduce inflation rates.

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