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How Violence Affects the Children?
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Violence itself is the ugly part of our society but it acquires the ugliest form when witnessed against children. Knowingly or unknowingly children do face violence either at home or in their surrounding and unintentionally succumb to the violence. Children and teenagers are the most common and easiest prey or victims of such abuse, however, their resilient nature help a lot in bring them back from the dark world they were about to enter.

  • Children or infants face violence in many ways, which include:
  • Threatening or physical violence of parent on the other
  • Assaulting of one parent or caregiver by the other or some other person
  • Insult in social gathering or public places, especially in front of family and friends
  • Ignorance by parents to their children’s need
  • Missing love and care by parents or guardian
  • Lack of proper nutrition and health facilities, etc.

The effects of violence on children may not be visible or prominent at the initial stage but in long period of time such abuses start posing a serious threat to the mental, psychological, physical and emotional growth of the child. This is also a fact that not all children are affected by such abuses in the same manner or to the same extent, it varies from child to child. Some children who experiences such threats can become rude, fearless, irresponsible, disobedient, aggressive and immune to love and affection, whereas some can become extremely shy, coward, fainthearted and mentally weak.

According to a survey, in the total cases of domestic violence, nearly 50% of the men who abuse their wives are also violent against their children. Such children generally isolate themselves from the world and start living in their own fairy world. The few symptoms that show that your child is becoming the victim of domestic violence are:

  • They withdraw themselves from their surroundings
  • Become aggressive and start bullying other children in the vicinity and school
  • Face problem in speech, learning, etc.
  • Become truant and attention seeker
  • Fall the victim of nightmares or insomnia
  • Out of fear, they can adapt the habit of bed-wetting
  • They start developing a fear of abandonment and can go in depression
  • They can also develop anxiety
  • Can become drug addict and alcoholic
  • Develop the feeling of inferiority
  • Either they can start eating a lot of food or vice-versa
  • Become frequent prey of headaches, asthma, constant colds, eczema, mouth ulcers, etc.

If the parents didn’t pay attention to such symptoms at the earlier stage, there are chances that the suffering child may become one of the destructors who use violence and power at home to get their things done. With love, care, attention and proper guidance, children can be brought back to their normal-selves.

Always make sure that whenever you are having a heated argument with your partner, send your child either to a room where the voices cannot reach or outside the home with a responsible person so that your differences don’t affect the child’s mental, emotional, physical and psychological health.

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