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The Biggest Mistakes in College and How to Avoid Them
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For many people, college years become the first taste of independence. On one hand, it’s a very exciting time, but on the other hand with excitement also comes responsibility and making decisions. In this article, we will talk about most widespread college blunders and best ways to avoid them. So, take some time to read it if you want to improve your GPA, save some money, and boost your productivity.

Here are the most common mistakes college students make:

Not Building Your Network

Networking isn’t something you should wait to start until you get a job. If you start building your network in college, it can help you find a job! Have you heard about LinkedIn? Then go and create your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. There is alumni tool on this website that can help you connect with other past and present students. As soon as you start using this website, you will gradually understand how to get the most out of it and use it to your advantage.

Not Using Your Student Discount

Did you know that your student ID can become your secret to saving a lot of money? When you use it, you can get a free Amazon Prime trial for six months, or get a $200 discount on a Macbook. You can even get 30% off when using FedEx services or buy a free drink at Chipotle. The list is endless! You can even purchase college essays online and get a solid discount.


Have you ever experienced that great sense of accomplishment when you finish the task ahead of time? Why don’t we make it our habit and do that more often? When you procrastinate and then start cramming because you’ve already lost the precious time, it can not only affect the quality of the work done but also have a great impact on the quality of your life in general!

Procrastination may lead to anxiety, stress, and as a result to poorer health. Remember that drinking coffee at 2 a.m. won’t make you smarter. It will only make you do silly things quicker and with more energy!

Using Clichés in Your Essay

The typical and most widespread cliché is when students start their speech or paper using a famous quote. They believe it will add credibility to the main idea of their paper. However, what it leads to is quite opposite. Clichés only make your professor roll their eyes with irritation.

The University of North Carolina posted several other clichés that are recommended to avoid in your papers. They are:

  • Throughout history
  • In modern society
  • From dawn of man
  • In this day and age

Not Reading Your Paper Out Loud

It’s not always a good idea just to read your essay to yourself when you want to proofread it. The best tip to notice punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes is to read your paper out loud. This is the best way to catch any possible errors.

If it’s your essay or paper, you can always read it out loud to a family member or to your friend. Another person can notice and determine the quality of your writing much faster. Don’t think that it’s stupid to mouth the answer to an essay question to yourself when you are standing in the middle of the class. It always works and is really helpful.

Not Taking Care of Your Health

Many students take their health for granted. It’s easy to think so when you are in your 20s. However, too many fast food runs and late-night studies will eventually lead to stress and extra weight. So, don’t ignore going to the rec center or a gym. Remember that your physical and mental health should always be your top priority.

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