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Web.com Reviews Looks at The True Cost of Owning A Dog
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Man’s best friend is expensive, and you should know about it before you decide to become a pet owner. According to Web.com Reviews, you need to calculate the expenses and see if your current financial situation allows it. A lot goes into dog care and the true cost of dog ownership can balloon beyond your imaginations if you haven’t had a pet before.


The Costs


1. Investment at the start - If you want to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter, the cost can be less than a couple of hundred dollars. Make sure to adopt from a reputable shelter or else the dog may be unhealthy and need a lot of medical care that may drive up your cost of ownership. If you get your dog from a purebred dog from a reputable breeder, the cost may be a few thousand dollars. However, your dog stays healthy in the long run and that means lower medical cost.


After that you need to visit the vet and depending on the need for medications and vaccines, the first visit would cost you a few hundred dollars. Remember that you need to visit the vet each week for 16 weeks for young puppies and that adds to the initial cost. Apart from that you also need to get dog supplies like dog food, beds, leashes, toys, and more.


2. Food and Bed - Dogs need healthy treats and good quality food to maintain their health and grow properly. This can cost you somewhere from a hundred dollars to several hundreds of dollars every year. It varies depending on the breed and the quality of food. 


Unless you plan to allow your dog to sleep on your bed and leave a wet mess occasionally, you have to buy a cozy bed for your dog. Choose something cushy, easy to clean, and durable enough to last you at least one year. This may cost you somewhere around $60 to $200.


3. Toys, Leashes, Collars, and Grooming - Toys are necessary for the mental stimulation of your dog and they can cost anywhere from $25 to $150. Apart from that, you need to own at least one collar and one leash to keep your dog in check while outside. You can DIY yourself for a set or buy some for around $20. You don’t want to lose your pet or want it to hurt someone else. So, don’t ignore leashes and collars. 


Depending on the breed, your dog may demand less than $50 to hundreds of dollars every year for grooming. Short-haired dogs with smooth coats require a moderate level of grooming, while dogs that have long furs may require regular visits to the groomer. To lower down the cost, you can take the grooming challenge yourself and buy some grooming tools. 



Web.com Reviews believes that this is just the basic cost that you need to shell out every year for owning a dog. Apart from that when you add up veterinary care, preventive medications, training resources, and emergencies, the cost can shoot up and reach five figures annually.

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