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TopLevelPR – Crowdfunding Review and Results
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TopLevelPR is making waves as one of the more “results driven” crowdfunding PR services. Our team took a look behind the scenes at what makes TopLevelPR so different from the typical crowdfunding service. What we found may surprise you. TopLevelPR is in fact the only crowdfunding PR service that does actual hands-on PR outreach to get your crowdfunding project picked up by the media. What exactly does “hands-on” mean? Basically, if you want any shot at actually getting featured on a well known blog then you’re going to need TopLevelPR to reach out directly to the editor or journalist from that coveted blog. Make sense? You may visit toplevelpr to find out more details.

TopLevelPR already starts to stand apart from their peers with this no-shortcuts approach to crowdfunding PR outreach. The more we looked into the TopLevelpr.com company the more we started to like their approach. The thing that really caught our attention was their selectiveness with the crowdfunding projects they take on.


In our experience with crowdfunding on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo back in the day, we get contacted by a lot of people. So I can personally tell you that it’s very comforting knowing that their PR team actually reviewed our project for suitability beforehand. This let us know that we’d get some great results and not just waste our money on some fancy PR. Now, let’s review over the whole TopLevelPR experience step by step so you can see why we’re so happy with their firm…


TopLevelPR Review: imagine if you had a tech project for example, such as the latest gadget idea. Great. TopLevelPR would first review your project for suitability, then contact you or speak with you about working together. After you signup they research your project and its best possible target audience. This helps Top Level PR craft your perfect targeted media contact list.


Then after creating three different PR angles to tech on the media, the magic begins. At this stage, we really liked the work the TopLevelPR team had done so far. After the testing phase, we were really excited about the full PR launch. When TopLevelPR finally launches a PR campaign for a crowdfunding project, they reach out to hundreds of the best media contacts to get in front of your target audience. That’s when your project really gets buzzing with the media. For us, that’s when the funding also started pouring in!


TopLevelPR works for all major categories of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The most popular projects they work with include fashion, technology, design, non-profit, film, music, give-back projects, cause-related products or ideas, and community projects. TopLevelPR reviews your project to ensure it is a good fit. Note that not all projects will qualify.


Projects that fit with their story-based PR outreach strategies will find it very easy to signup and enroll into their program online. Once enrolling you will be assigned a PR campaign manager that will guide your through the PR process. Most projects start to see more exposure, backers, and funding by week 1 of signing up.


If you’re launching a project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo then you should contact the PR team at toplevelpr.com for a free project review. It just might be the key to getting your project promoted and funded!

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  .   Liesbeth Alden
Really? You just post their own marketing story, without even checking reality? First of all, they just launched their website in February 2016. They worked as PR Guru before, but changed the website and name + all related stories due to the HUGE amount of negative reviews. Yet they claim to be experts and blablabla. Secondly, non of the campaigns they've worked with + names of the campaign owners add up. They are ALL FAKE. They take campaigns, add random names to it and call it their success stories. Yet nobody (the real people behind the campaigns) ever heard of them. Third, all the video reviews are bought online. I can send you the direct links were you can order them!! They are a SCAM, and not a small one... Stay away crowdfunders and Heatbud: check your sources. You are helping a scam!
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