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The journey of life is a journey that happens even if we are not paying attention. It is amazing how the years just roll by so quickly. Yes when we are young we all want to grow up. It just doesn’t seem to happen fast enough.  Then all of a sudden we go from high school graduation… WOW where did the time go?

The world has changed all around us just as quick.  Wars, fighting in the streets, taxes, money, disease, nuclear weapons, and it is here in our area as well. Big news about photos of naked girls being exchanged in North Penn High School, is shocking people around here, really?

There is nothing wrong in this world that wasn’t wrong in our world before. People have just found different ways to disrespect each other than in the past. Actually, it isn’t as bad as we have done in the history of mankind.

Outrage over photos of naked girls being sent thru phones and the Internet. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

No we do not have to do something about this. You have to do something about this. You the parents of boys and girls everywhere, it starts with you at home. Teach your children well how to LOVE themselves, how to love others as they love themselves. With that teach them respect for themselves and respect of others.

Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Know your brother as you know yourself. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!! Everybody now sing along!!

Sounds corny but it is true. The basic things are the most important things. We do not need most of the things we have in our life. What we need most are those THINGS we hide away forever, from everyone, EMOTION!!

Mankind, the human race, man, woman, and child each and every one of us has learned to be like Billy Joel sang on the Stranger album. The song was the Stranger:


     We all have a face that we hide away forever,

     We take them out and show ourselves when everyone has         



The thing about the face that we hide from everyone else is the fact that we hide it from ourselves as well.

Yes what is happening in our local High School is wrong.  It is not the problem. It is actually the result of the problem!!

The same old problem that has existed from the dawning of man; we have all let our EGOS get in the way of who we really are. I was one that had a very large EGO all my life. Or at least that is what I got everyone to believe about me. We all have a face that we put on for the world. Actually we have many faces that we put on depending on what we are doing, who we are with, where we are, and what we are trying to get.

It is so bad that most of the time, no one in the human race, even knows who they are any more. We have NO concept of what is really important anymore. Yes it is wrong what is happening with the pictures in the high school, why is there not as much outrage over other things that are happening? There are children starving all over the world. Most people will donate to send their money to another country to help out. What about the starving people in you own community?

Am I making any sense right now? I am not even sure sometimes. See what starts out as a very heartfelt piece most times ends up being taken over by my own EGO.

What the world needs now is Love sweet Love. It is the only thing that there is just too little of.  So many songs, so many movies, so many books all say the same thing.




Start with yourself; let it go let it go let it go. What ever you did, what ever you had done to you in the past, just let it go. It is serving no purpose expect to keep you from love. Loving you, loving me. Loving that funny little lady down around the corner. How about the check out person at the WAWA, the gas station, the supermarket, everyone everywhere needs to be loved. Needs to be loved by you and everyone else that is alive on this place we call EARTH.

Oh it isn’t going to happen over night, it can but most likely it won’t.

 It starts at home. It starts with you.

It starts with the man in the mirror!!! Let me start it then.

I love me. I love you all. Love isn’t work. It is actually quite easy. We all have it buried inside of us. So instead of working together, let us all walk together in this journey called life. Maybe then by walking together we will finally understand.

Have a magical day! I do love you all.


Oh ok you over there picking your nose I love you also but I just do not like what you are doing. Bye!!










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