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hello you
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Good morning! I do hope you all are smiling. If not shake off the cobwebs of fear, guilt, anger, jealousy and just be thankful that you are still here. 

No matter what is going on in your life the fact of the matter is YOU are still here to face it, feel it, and deal with it. 

Yes the struggle can be so very hard. Yet the way you face it can mean so much to you, to loved ones and even to strangers.

YOU are a lot stronger than you ever realized. Really! you have made it thru it all. Ok so sometimes the way you made it was questionable to some, but #%^& them. They didn't have to go thru it.

YOU have got this so look it in the eye today and just laugh. You will make it out the other side. if you need encouragement give me a call. I will be there for you!!!

Have a magical day!

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