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Unusual Tech Jobs For The New Year
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The list goes on, but maybe you’re not interested in the “normal” list of jobs in tech. If that’s you, consider these positions some tech trainers uncovered. They’re out-of-the-box, different, and, in short, something you might actually be interested in doing for a living. These positions are at several companies, including Fitbit, Uber, and Box.

On a side note, Morell suggests that you conduct your online job hunt using your specific skills as key words because searching by job title alone can really limit your possibilities.

Web Content Developer – Fitbit

This position doesn’t allow you to just work at your desk. You’ll work closely with a team of people with wide-ranging skills and job titles. You’ll create interactive web content, mostly for marketing programs. The position leaves lots of room for creativity to make a strong impact.

You’ll need to know HTML and CSS standards, HTML5 and CSS3, and responsive design for this job. Additionally, you need some knowledge of JavaScript / jQuery, and experience with AJAX.

Manager of Cloud Infrastructure - Box

This job is really hands-on. You’ll work on the cloud storage team as an engineering manager. Your time is divided between supervising a skilled and diverse group of engineers and being the tech go-to for end-to-end infrastructure development.

You’ll need between three and five years of management experience, and a strong understanding of constructing distributed, client/server systems, specifically in the web application space.

Data Warehouse Engineer – The Honest Company

In this role, you’ll need to have a diverse set of interests and be really focused on improving processes. Morell says that the job might be a good fit if you’re interested in philosophies, communities, data warehousing, business intelligence, and open-source technologies.

You’ll need three to four years of experience creating relational database systems (Think Oracle, Postgre SQL, SQL Server, and MySQL.). A couple years of experience working with Pentaho Kettle (PDI), and four years working with Shell scripting, and two to three years with ETL development are also important for this role.

Senior Hardware Program Engineer – Roku

If you’re a pro at details, you might like this job. If you get stoked about rapid development cycles, understand design, and understand the product life cycle flow on a detailed level, you might like to work in TV streaming at Roku.

You’ll need five or more years of program management experience, be proficient in program management ideas and have significant experience with JDMs/ODMs/OEMs/CMs. Additionally, you should have plenty of experience working with mass-production consumer products.

Android Platform Engineer – Epic Games

This job was introduced as “’Would you like to focus on getting the Unreal Engine running on multiple next-gen platforms that will be used by thousands of developers in hundreds of games?’” Morell notes in a quote from Epic Games.

This position requires you to be deft with C++, and you need to be able to code and create different core engine systems. You also need experience making game engines for various platforms work as well as possible, and with core system tasks like tools, networking, script compliers, I/O, graphics, audio/video and memory handling.

Capacity Engineer – Uber

At Uber, you need to have a strong understanding of extremely fast growth and be able to get technology and cost to work together when you’re dealing with scaling computing resources.

You need to be a good coder for constructing tooling and projections, and you’ll need to know Python, Golang, be able to work with others across more than one group, and be comfortable with technical system details and figuring out how to solve performance problems. You should know how to create performance forecasts and how to present costs to managers. 

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